Sunday, September 22, 2019

Maryland, Boston College Now In Pursuit Of Darlinstone Dubar

Boston College and Maryland are the latest programs to enter Scotland Campus (PA) and leave impressed with Class of 2020 prospect Darlinstone Dubar.

The heady, prolific scoring 6-foot-6 guard turned in an efficient account of himself during open gym last week.

Burying corner 3-pointers, finishing above the rim, and snaking his way to the basket and finishing through contact, Dubar's presence was felt.

 Coaches from both programs are expected to be back this fall.

"I was at Athens Prep in Tennessee last year and I didn't know I was going to be the main guy until our first hard scrimmage," said Dubar, the Charlotte native who shined as a strong and oft-attacking guard for BMaze Elite this summer.

He hit a barrage of 3-pointers during that memorable performance, levitating above the trees upfront and throwing down pulsating dunks in traffic. Blocking shots and snagging boards, Dubar's work rate and gung-ho style were noteworthy factors throughout an intensified in-house battle.

That winter, Dubar again registered his presence during a wild 34-point outburst against Terry Armstrong and Bella Vista Prep (AZ).

"I was matched up against Terry Armstrong and at first I think he thought I was some scrub," Dubar recalls with laughter.

"My momentum kind of got rolling as I hit two 3-pointers and went by him. Then, he knew I was serious. After that game, I got his respect. Terry is a great player and we went at each other. It was that game I think that made me realize I can play with anyone in the country."

Notre Dame has recently offered Dubar, who will play alongside close friend and AAU teammate Norance Berry at Scotland Campus this season.

Dubar holds offers from Wichita State, Auburn, Seton Hall, Marquette, VCU, Kansas State, and others.

"I really like Maryland, Wichita State, and Notre Dame. I speak with (assistant) coach (Tyson) Waterman at Wichita State all the time. Seton Hall has also been contacting me pretty frequently."

Dubar grew up watching videos of legendary Los Angeles Laker Magic Johnson,  emulating some of his moves and surgical passes.

As he got a bit older, Dubar discovered the electrifying D'Angelo Russell.

It has all contributed to his desire to orchestrate offense and embrace the quarterback role at 6-feet-6.

"I try to get everyone going," Dubar said.

 "I try to initiate and find people at the right spots and be a leader with the ball in my hands and also take over games with my scoring."

Dubar learned of the opportunity at Scotland Campus through AAU coach Bobby Maze, the former Tennessee star who played for Scotland's head coach Chris Chaney while at the now-defunct Patterson School in North Cartolina.

"Playing for BMaze, I kept saying to myself that I really want to play right away as a freshman in college and be an impact player from the jump," said Dubar, who scored 29 first half points during BMaze Elite's win over DC Premier in the UA Elite 8.

"I really wasn't looking to redshirt as a freshman or come off the bench. Coach Maze basically said I need to develop a killer instinct and not shy away from taking the big shots. He told me a lot about Scotland and how it would prepare me to be an immediate impact player as a freshman. He played for coach Chaney and he coached with him so he told me this place would get me ready for my freshman year."

Dubar said he plans to visit Maryland next.

In college, Dubar said he envisions himself playing the two-guard. His passing arsenal has grown and defensively, he's capable of guarding the 1-4.

Playing in exposure heavy events this season (starting with the Prep National Showcase in Connecticut in November), Dubar has the opportunity to continue to make a name for himself on the high major market.

Hey, it is not as if Darlinstone Dubar is an easy name to forget.

"Hopefully they will all know my name for a long time," Dubar said with a smile.