Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Uno En Uno With: Wilkenson "Kenny" Isnord

ZS: What do you feel are your bedrock attributes as a 6-foot-7 forward? How does your style help a team win?

KI: I have a high motor. I play with a lot of energy. I rebound the ball, block shots, and dunk everything around the basket.

ZS: Which Division-1 programs are currently most active in your recruitment and which programs are you considering?

KI: Virginia Tech, VCU, Boston College, and Florida Gulf Coast University.

ZS: Which aspects led you to choose Showtime for the remainder of July and how does your game align with their style of play?

KI: It was a better opportunity for me to showcase what I can do on the court and play a lot more minutes--so that I can be fully evaluated by recruiters.

The guards are smart and unselfish. Tyrell Jones (West Oaks) is a great point guard along with Jordan Smith.

They find me and put me in the best positions to score and do what I do.

ZS: How would you describe the experience of playing alongside one of the state's top-shelf guards in (Florida Atlantic-bound) Michael Forrest at Blanche Ely?

KI: It was great because Mike Forrest, he's such a smart point guard. He sees the floor so well and he always knows how to find me in the gaps and create for me. It really made my job easier. He's a great shooter, he really spaces out the floor with his shot and knockdown ability from deep.

I was fortunate also to have a great defender in Brandon Francois, a guy who brings a lot of energy out there and can really lock up on scorers.

We're tight off the court, that's my guy right there. So it really translates to our relationship on the court.

He's always keeping me motivated, instilling confidence in me, and the type of camaraderie we had on that team was big. It was special.

ZS: Where do you see yourself next season?

KI: I'm going to have a decision made by the fall. I graduated  (from Blanche Ely) in the spring and re-classified into the Class of 2019. Right now I'm just weighing options for a prep school.