Saturday, November 18, 2017

Uno En Uno With: Remy Robert

ZS: How would you describe your focus during a post-graduate year and in which ways do you look to capitalize on an additional year to develop? 

RR: My main aspirations are to play to the best of my abilities and contribute to help the team win in any way I can. I'd like to get multiple Division-1 offers and choose a school that best fits my style of play and where I can be successful.

ZS: As a shooter, how do you go about polishing your craft and keeping your shot ready? How would you describe your daily regimen?

RR: I get in the gym every day. I fire up shots every day. Not only individually, I work with all my teammates. They all want the same thing as me which is to get better and attain a Division-1 scholarship. Personally, I am striving to be the best shooter in the program. So, I'm spending countless hours getting shots up. That helps a lot and keeps me in rythm and ready.

ZS: How would you describe the depth and talent on this particular post-grad team? With Coty (Jude) getting ready to pen his letter of intent with UNC-Asheville and several others piling up a steady wave of offers, there are plenty of unheralded prospects spread across the roster. What do you guys feel you have to prove in this PG season, as a team and as a group being overlooked on the recruiting market?

RR: The talent is the best I've ever played with, point blank period. We have about 12 D1 players on this team and we all want to make it. Everything we do is ultra-competitive because we are all pushing each other to be great and get better throughout this experience. As a team we have one goal and that's to win a national championship. Everything myself and the team does, is for my best friend Malcolm (Nicholas). We have to fill out our dreams for ourselves and him. 

ZS: Being from Baton Rouge, you learned under a pioneer for the game in  (current Detroit Pistons guard) Langston Galloway. How would you describe your relationship and what type of impact has he authored to the hoops community in Baton Rouge?

RR: Langston is like an older brother. He gives me a lot of advice on what I need to do in order to make it where I want to be. We text a lot and he is a role model. He's been quite inspirational to the community as well. 

He puts on free camps during the off-season just to help the local kids. He's truly an inspiration to everyone.