Sunday, October 15, 2017

Uno En Uno With: Ronaldo Segu, Orlando Christian Prep

ZS: Which aspects ultimately led you to commit to Buffalo? What would you pinpoint as the vital aspects which sold you on the program?

RS: It was their loyalty. They were there from the very start, from day one. They kept showing up to all my games throughout the process. They were the most consistent through it all.

ZS: Which other programs did you whittle your list down to and which programs were in the heaviest pursuit througout?

RS: USF, VCU, New Mexico, and Towson. 

ZS: As a facilitator who takes a sense of pride in getting his teammates involved, how would you describe your traditional point guard role at OCP?

RS: Pass first point guard, I'm looking to make my teammates better. Doing what I do best, which is just being a winner above all out there. Being aggressive on the defensive side as well. 

ZS: Given the emergence of yourself, (UNC commit) Nassir Little, and a versatile high major prospect in Class of 2019 CJ Walker, the OCP program now has a target on its back. As the program gains national visibility and defends a state title, how do you guys prepare for the lofty expectations ahead?

RS: We asked coach for a harder schedule. Last year, nobody knew we would be there. Now we get it, we know we're gonna be the hunted. We're going to be prepared. We're going to work out best in practice. We're looking forward to (the increase in strength of schedule). We asked for it and we're gonna be ready to play the best. 

ZS: You've formed a radiant tandem with Nassir Little. Playing alongside each other year round and being able to accelerate his scoring all across the floor, how would you describe the connection? How do you reap the rewards of it as you quarterback the team?

RS: Our chemistry is really good. It makes the game easier and opens up the court. 

We have other talented guys too that make the game easier like C.J. Walker and Dejuan Lockett. The whole OCP roster. It makes it easier playing with Nas. He's so athletic and he can do certain moves that people can't guard. It's definitely a plus. 

ZS: How do you envision yourself impacting the program at Buffalo?

RS: I see myself getting better there. It's a fast paced system. So I'm going to go in there and do what I have to do to get the job done.