Monday, October 16, 2017

Uno En Uno With: Coulter Dotson, Believe Prep Academy

ZS: What would you describe as the primary differences between prep basketball and high school basketball?

CD: The major difference is there is more competition at the prep level. There is an around the clock focus to the game and the skill development aspects. All of us are striving to be the best everyday and pushing ourselves to help each other out. Believe's focus on hoops is what I love. Everyday we are always working out and getting better. I'm a gym rat, so I love it.

ZS: What role do you envision for yourself on this year's high school team?

CD: I feel my role really is to be an all around player and contribute both offensively and defensively. I'm also going to rebound, hit shots and essentially do whatever is required to help the team win.

ZS: What is the identity this team is looking to establish? What are some of the key tenets of the system the team will employ?

CD: We're still developing our identity. A few more practices and we will be straight. Coach Randy (Casey), Brad (Traina) and Coach Tyson  (Waterman) have really been preaching defense and rebounding. They are always on us about defense. I think it paid off in our win against Oldsmar Christian  (during the Hoop Exchange All American Jamboree). We beat a very gifted offensive team with a lot of different weapons. It showed just how important defense is especially against a big time opponent. 

ZS: Being a local product out of Tennessee, you've got some familiar faces around you in Nashville product Devan Cambridge and Mike Parker, who you won a state championship with in soccer. What's it like to be reunited with them?

CD: It is definitely a real advantage, because the chemistry is already there with them. Those guys are easy to talk to and the familiarity helps us push each other every time we are out there. 

ZS: Having scored 1,000+ points in three years at Creek Wood (TN), you come in with the identity of a scorer. What other attributes of your game have grown these past few months? 

CD: Being multi-dimensional and adjusting to different roles. I played five different positions (at Creek Wood) so it is not much of an adjustment.