Monday, October 9, 2017

Dazzling Summer of 2017 Revitalized Lecque's Profile

Jalen Lecque pieced together a commendable, memorable summer that enabled his Division-I stock to skyrocket. In fleeing from relative obscurity, the 6-foot-4, 185-pound guard injected dazzling displays of athleticism and advanced know-how as a game manager.

These immeasurable attributes propelled the New York native to collect offers from Providence, Florida, Auburn, Seton Hall, St. John's, Minnesota, and myriad others. His massive summer '17 eruption heightened the high-major presence of Lecque, who previously had just a short list which included the likes of Iona, VCU, and Santa Clara.

Body transformation, fearless slashing, and a newfound feel of how to pick apart a defense revitalized Lecque's profile. Now at The Christ School (N.C.), the Class of 2019 Lecque is widely regarded as the top guard in North Carolina.

Accustomed to carrying a bulk of the scoring load during the regular season, the 2017 AAU campaign witnessed Lecque adopt and run with a point guard skill-set.

In sparking the break, dissecting defenses and prospering in the above the rim game, a kid who has said he views himself as a high-end talent made sure his words proved prophetic.
One pulsating, extravagant explosion circulated the internet instantly. Lecque took a hard dribble, levitated and threw down an extravagant one-handed hammer over a helpless defender.
There was simply no turning back from there.

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