Saturday, September 16, 2017

Scotland Campus Sports: Coaching Staff

Coach Sullivan Brown

Hailing from the hoops hotbed of Memphis, Sullivan Brown is the best example of a player who could have reaped the rewards of the post-graduate year.

A late-bloomer on the recruiting market, Brown played just one season of high school at Hillcrest High in Memphis.

 Possessing a smooth, left-handed stroke from beyond the arc, the 6-foot-2 Brown emerged into a key scorer and hounding defensive presence, helping the program to a berth in the state tournament.

Brown played this lone year of high school hoops merely by accident. Having plied his trade strictly on the AAU circuit with the Memphis Disciples, Brown learned of Hillcrest’s tryout through a friend at the 11th hour.

“I learned there were tryouts that day and I just happened to have all my gear with me at the time,” said Brown, now one of the top player development ace’s in the country.

 “I had literally just transferred schools and I hadn’t made up my mind about playing on the team yet. When my friend told me he was going to tryouts, I wound up going along with him.”

Brown not only made the team with ease, he found his way to the starting lineup and soon became a dependable two-way source. A knock-down specialist, Brown posted four games of six treys or more.

From there, Brown earned a scholarship to William Penn University in Oskaloosa, Iowa. An NAIA national tournament contender at the time, William Penn had a prestigious basketball reputation. 

After red-shirting his freshman season, Brown became an immediate spark off the bench as a sophomore. He was able to spread out the floor with deep, seemingly limitless 3-point range.

Immediately following, Brown continued to weigh options for his basketball career. Having worked a number of basketball camps and gotten his coaching feet wet, he found his true passion to be in nurturing grass-roots talent.

An opportunity emerged at Camp Winadu in Massachusetts, where Brown opened up a network of contacts in the coaching world while pursuing his craft.

 Though he initially considered weighing his professional stock over the waters, Brown quickly developed national appeal as a coach. Steadfast in developing talent, locating noticeable holes in player’s games and working relentlessly to rectify them, Brown took a job at DME Academy in Daytona Beach, Fla.

While at DME, Brown worked exclusively under Chris Chaney, a three-time National Champion and three-time National Prep Coach of the Year. Alongside Chaney, Brown helped recruit and cultivate Division-I talent from all over the country. 

Instrumental in grooming a plethora of Division-I recruits-- Tobias Howard, Ted Kapita, Kevaughn Harris, and Connor Farrell to name a few—Chaney and Brown helped DME vault into the nation’s prep mountaintops. Mid-way through the year, the previously unheard of program found its way to a No.5 national ranking. 

Working on everything from physical development, ball handling, defensive acumen, reads, and shot selection, Brown continued to propel the group’s evolution. 

While at DME Academy, coach Chaney learned of an opportunity near his Maryland roots at the sprawling Scotland Campus in Central Pennsylvania. Immediately after inheriting the keys to the kingdom for the basketball program, Brown was the first staff member Chaney hired.

Jumping at the opportunity, Brown helped plant the seeds for a new program to take root. During his first year, he helped recruit and assemble a barrage of underrated, unsung, and mostly unheard of recruits en route to a 21-7 campaign.

 This group included mid-major recruits such as Rasheed Brown, Jalen Jordan, Tyler Morman, and Chris Parker.

The team posted upset victories over nationally-ranked Mt. Zion Academy (Md.) and Montverde Academy of Florida.

Brown’s day-to-day activities include player development, recruiting, overseeing the entire operation, speed and agility, and scouting. Brown plays an integral role in coordinating with Division-I coaches and placing student-athletes at NCAA programs throughout the country.

Coach William Tyler Johson

Coach Johnson enters his first season at Scotland Campus Sports with a promising young skill-set that’s enabled him to thrive with player development, coaching, college placement, and the ability to accurately assess and dissect young talent.

These attributes helped draw Johnson to head coach Chris Chaney, who has had a hand in developing 17+ first round NBA draft picks and myriad four-year high major players.

With an innate eye for talent, as well as a vision for areas of weakness, T.J. is an integral piece in preparing our student-athletes for the rigors and requirements of the NCAA level.  

His reach goes considerably beyond the statistics and connotations of the stat book, possessing a wisdom for the critical and immeasurable intangibles required for the ensuing level of play.

 Assisting with the exposure component, Johnson will spearhead taped individual workouts and help advocate for our players throughout the recruitment process.

 He’ll work hand-in-hand with college coaches, keeping tabs on prospective recruits and providing consistent reports of their production rate throughout.

In addition, he’ll play an integral role in scouting the country’s top-tier prep programs for as Scotland Campus Sports embarks on an arduous 2017-18 schedule which includes several tournaments on the Grind Session circuit.

"T.J." served as a graduate assistant at the highest of the Division-II NCAA level at California University of Pennsylvania. For a traditionally potent program that generated national visibility during his stay, Johnson assisted with day-to-day player development and scouting.

 He would go on to direct and orchestrate the program’s basketball camps, helping nurture local grass-roots talent.

He would prolong his collegiate coaching experience at the University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg, where the program attained unprecedented success with its best-ever offensive teams. From 2012-2017, Pitt-Greensburg churned out eight all-conference selections.

They featured four 1,000+ scorers in one single recruiting class during this particular coaching regime, amassing the most deadly scoring core in program history. The team also set seasonal records in points per game, field goal percentage, three-point field goal percentage, three point field goals made, assists, and assists-to-turnovers ratio.

In devoting his focus to national recruiting, Johnson possesses extensive experience within the high-major Division-I coaching culture. He’s worked basketball camps hosted by Kentucky, West Virginia, University of Maryland, and a bevy of others.

Deeply tied into the AAU scene and regal recruiting real estate of the Pittsburgh area and beyond, T.J. is currently the assistant director of Strick Hoops AAU. He coaches the high school and national team. He spends his summers criss crossing the country, coaching in exposure-heavy tournaments against some of the nation’s perennial heavy hitters on the circuit.

T.J.’s day-to-day responsibilities at Scotland Campus Sports include orchestrating practice, recruiting scholarship-caliber players at all levels and post-graduates, facilitating high-intensity workouts, showcasing Division-I prospects via individual workouts, and working in conjunction with college coaches regarding recruitment and setting up official/unofficial visits.

Coach Blake Kingsley Jr.

Coach Blake Kingsley Jr. enters his first season at Scotland Campus Sports with the quintessential hands-on attributes of a player’s coach.

Adept in areas such as skill refinement and player development, don’t be surprised to see Coach Blake leading by action during intensified workouts. An Oregon native, coach Kingsley spent the past year as an assistant coach and fabled Lake Oswego High School, the alma mater of Kevin Love.

While at Lake Oswego, Kingsley was instrumental in on-court coaching and scouting reputable programs throughout the area. Kingsley was the driving force for 6 a.m. workouts, instilling an innovative player development regimen.

 He was responsible for generating an uptick in interest from grass-roots players and underclassmen as the program expanded. Laced with unbridled on-court energy, Kingsley guided Lake Oswego's freshman team to a 15-4 record and first place in the conference.

Coach Kingsley would further his involvement in critical player development components while at Mount Hood Community College. In addition, he played an integral role in recruiting at every all-regional tournament and showcase event.

At Scotland Campus Sports, Kingsley will be responsible for a variety of roles extending well beyond Xs and Os. Constantly orchestrating individual and group workouts while simultaneously operating in-house scrimmages, Coach Blake has developed an accurate read on this year’s sudden infusion of talent.

His contributions include harnessing this talent in strategic fashion for the 2017-18 campaign. Coach Blake will also be a vital piece in day-to-day activities such as scouting, analyzing and dissecting film, recruiting, and coordinating with NCAA colleges throughout the recruitment process.

Above all, coach Blake will assist in propelling the day-to-day development of countless student-athletes, from callow freshman to heavily-recruited post-graduates sifting through Division-I offers.

Prior to coaching at the high school and collegiate level, Kingsley served as a video coordinator under head coach Mike Thibault for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics. His steady involvement included personnel video edits and live-streaming games.

Coach Blake also installed scout film sessions, which ingrained the game plan into the team and enabled them to make necessary tweaks and adjustments for the opponent.

As a student manager at the University of Oregon, Kingsley witnessed a revitalized program defy all expectations. During his stay at Oregon, the program enhanced its profile by pulling off recruiting coups such as 2017 NBA draft picks Dillon Brooks, Jordan Bell, and Tyler Dorsey.

The pinnacle would occur during the 2016 NCAA tournament, when the Ducks pulled off a marquee and memorable 82-68 win over a Brandon Ingram, Grayson Allen-led Duke team in the Sweet 16.

Coach Jordan En'Wezoh

A former multi-sport athlete with deep recruiting ties to the Washington area, coach Jordan En’Wezoh arrives at Scotland Campus Sports with vast experience in coaching, skill development, academic advisement, scouting, and an in-depth understanding of NCAA rules and regulations.

During his time at the University of Washington, coach En’Wezoh built a steady rolodex featuring head coaches and assistant coaches across all levels of Division-I basketball.  
Not only developing a rapport with but mentoring top-shelf Division-I players, coach En’Wezoh possesses an advanced expertise. He's cognizant of the work load, devotion, accountability and mental intangibles required for the highest level of NCAA play.

Such experience is essential in molding young men who will soon acclimatize to the demands of the Division-I level.

During his time as an assistant coach at Columbia Basin College, Jordan recruited the Pacific Northwest area thoroughly. He developed an enhanced wisdom of the region’s promising recruits, simultaneously discovering unheralded, unsung, diamond-in-the-rough style recruits with untapped potential. Tasked with leading day-to-day practices and workouts, Jordan helped implement strategic schemes and added on to the playbook.

In dissecting game film and scouting opponents heavily throughout the season, Jordan’s role quickly grew in importance. He soon became an instrumental figure in game preparation, helping utilize the team’s personnel in effective fashion.

Picking up on the style, tendencies, and plays executed by the opponent, he adjusted the game plan based on the capabilities and flaws of the opponent.

At Scotland Campus Sports, Coach Jordan will shoulder the responsibilities of coaching, scouting, breaking down film, and pushing the workaday development of student-athletes.
With SCS undergoing a rapid transformation in strength of schedule in 2017-18, En’Wezoh will accurately assess traditionally potent prep opponents and prepare accordingly.

Possessing wisdom in vital skill components and player development, he’ll be a constant presence in the gym and weight room. Speaking a variety of languages, Jordan will also assist with international recruiting.

Having coached at the high school and collegiate level while sustaining a presence in the high-major Division-I circles, Jordan will also have involvement in college placement. He will work in conjunction with college coaches throughout the country at all levels, situating student-athletes at a future hardwood home which best utilizes their skill-set.

Savvy with the evolving technological aspects that come with operating a program, we envision Jordan inheriting some ownership of Scotland Campus Sports. His experience with database management and his know-how in organizing scheduling, budget, tournaments, enrollment, and other critical aspects positions him for a multi-layered role at the prep basketball level.

Coach Jeff Harshman

Jeff Harshman enters his first year with Scotland Campus Sports with an unparalleled level of expertise as a coach, recruiter, player development director, and coordinator of top-shelf events.

A member of the Bowie State Hall of Fame as an assistant men’s basketball coach, Harshman was instrumental in helping the program flee obscurity and garner national visibility.

Under Luke D’Alessio and Harshman, Bowie State cracked the nation’s top-10, won a South Atlantic Regional Championship, and consistently pulled off recruiting coups that featured unheralded, under-the-radar talent which thrived on a national level.

During Harshman’s time on staff under D’Alessio, Bowie State underwent a significant transformation that forever altered the perception (and the culture) of the once floundering program.

A prominent figure in the basketball hotbed of Baltimore, Harshman has spearheaded the Charm City Basketball National AAU and High School tournaments for 17+ years. Harshman has molded a variety of talent on the professional, collegiate, and prep level via The Next Level Basketball Training Group.

 Like head coach Chris Chaney, he of the three Maryland state championships and three prep national championships, Harshman brings considerable credibility/connections from the nearby Maryland/D.C. area.

With proven, decorated experience and an advanced skill-set as a teacher, coach, and local Baltimore basketball pioneer, Scotland Campus Sports brought in Harshman to establish a consistent winning culture.

Given the program’s goal for national prominence this season and a rapidly increased strength of schedule following the inaugural season, Chaney and staff have lofty expectations for Harshman and his program-building acumen.

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Travis Scott

One year after bringing major contributions to an Scotland Campus Sports program which greatly exceeded pedestrian first-year expectations, strength and conditioning Coach Travis Scott will again incorporate his no-nonsense, highly-demanding style.

 Incorporating painstaking, physically and mentally taxing daily workouts, Scott plays an integral role in readying SCS teams for the extraordinary conditioning necessary for the next level.

Coach Travis’ lungs-burning, vigorous workouts ingrain a mindset necessary for the up-tempo, disciplined transition attack and hard-edged style Coach Chris Chaney’s teams traditionally subscribe to.

An unyielding disciplinarian, Coach Travis instills a mental fortitude with his trademark 5 a.m. workouts and hill sprints. Innovative and motivational, Coach Travis is consistently gauging the resolve and mental fortitude of Scotland Campus Sports’ high school and post graduate teams.

Any forms of laziness, entitlement, and lackluster effort are eliminated rather quickly under Scott’s watch.

Accountability, cohesiveness, and communication are bedrock principles of the system he preaches.

 Despite the style that’s been built and bred in many of America’s prep programs, Coach Travis does not operate with any kid gloves on. The same rules and standards are applicable to every player, regardless of star clout or ranking.

There’s a sheer toughness and a proven science paralleling the grueling labor and lofty standard Scott holds his athletes to. His multi-layered system ultimately enables student-athletes to adapt to the speed and physical rigors of the collegiate level.

 In transitioning from high school to the NCAA level, many freshmen struggle to acclimatize to the strength components and underperform in the weight room.

 Too often, spindly freshmen enter the NCAA environment following illustrious high school careers only to immediately become exposed and overwhelmed. More often than not, it is notable physical deficiencies which create such an unforgiving transition.

Scott’s system helps circumvent the threat of this issue. He’s an instrumental force in helping athletes arrive at the doorstep physically equipped and finely-tuned for the massive labor increase at the next level. His rugged style also molds athletes the right way, with nary the slightest chance of free passes or light days.

Very much a throwback with his old-school methodologies, coach Scott grew up on the family farm just a stone’s throw from Scotland Campus. During his stay at nearby Shippensburg University, Scott served as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for a Red Raider football program that’s produced professionals such as Brent Grimes. He additionally served as a student coach for the team.

Scott also a key figure for strength and conditioning support with Penn State’s Olympic Sports. He applied his wisdom and approach by assisting with softball, baseball, field hockey, swimming, diving, golf, gymnastics and lacrosse.

 His work had a hand in tuning up the 2015 women’s soccer team, which culminated the season with a national championship.

Emphasizing critical components such as generalized functional strength training and speed and power development, Scott mastered his trade when he earned an invite to work with the 2015 SEC and NCAA national championship Alabama football team. During his time as a strength and conditioning intern, Scott had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Heisman trophy winner Derrick Henry and a bevy of future NFL players.

Scott is certified as a strength and conditioning coach, USA weightlifting coach, and a national qualifying power lifter. The vast experience and expertise coach Scott developed working with some of the world’s elite athletes is translatable to the everyday work rate on Scotland Campus.