Monday, September 18, 2017

Coach's Corner With: Travis Scott, Scotland Campus Sports

One year after bringing major contributions to an Scotland Campus Sports program which greatly exceeded pedestrian first-year expectations, strength and conditioning Coach Travis Scott will again incorporate his no-nonsense, highly-demanding style.
 Incorporating painstaking, physically and mentally taxing daily workouts, Scott plays an integral role in readying SCS teams for the extraordinary conditioning necessary for the next level.
Coach Travis’ lungs-burning, vigorous workouts ingrain a mindset necessary for the up-tempo, disciplined transition attack and hard-edged style Coach Chris Chaney’s teams traditionally subscribe to.
An unyielding disciplinarian, Coach Travis instills a mental fortitude with his trademark 5 a.m. workouts and hill sprints. Innovative and motivational, Coach Travis is consistently gauging the resolve and mental fortitude of Scotland Campus Sports’ high school and post graduate teams.
Any forms of laziness, entitlement, and lackluster effort are eliminated rather quickly under Scott’s watch.

Accountability, cohesiveness, and communication are bedrock principles of the system he preaches.

 Despite the style that’s been built and bred in many of America’s prep programs, Coach Travis does not operate with any kid gloves on. The same rules and standards are applicable to every player, regardless of star clout or ranking.
There’s a sheer toughness and a proven science paralleling the grueling labor and lofty standard Scott holds his athletes to. His multi-layered system ultimately enables student-athletes to adapt to the speed and physical rigors of the collegiate level.
 In transitioning from high school to the NCAA level, many freshmen struggle to acclimatize to the strength components and underperform in the weight room. Too often, spindly freshmen enter the NCAA environment following illustrious high school careers only to immediately become exposed and overwhelmed. More often than not, it is notable physical deficiencies which create such an unforgiving transition.
Scott’s system helps circumvent the threat of this issue. He’s an instrumental force in helping athletes arrive at the doorstep physically equipped and finely-tuned for the massive labor increase at the next level. His rugged style also molds athletes the right way, with nary the slightest chance of free passes or light days.
Very much a throwback with his old-school methodologies, coach Scott grew up on the family farm just a stone’s throw from Scotland Campus. During his stay at nearby Shippensburg University, Scott served as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for a Red Raider football program that’s produced professionals such as Brent Grimes. He additionally served as a student coach for the team.
Scott also a key figure for strength and conditioning support with Penn State’s Olympic Sports. He applied his wisdom and approach by assisting with softball, baseball, field hockey, swimming, diving, golf, gymnastics and lacrosse.

 His work had a hand in tuning up the 2015 women’s soccer team, which culminated the season with a national championship.
Emphasizing critical components such as generalized functional strength training and speed and power development, Scott mastered his trade when he earned an invite to work with the 2015 SEC and NCAA national championship Alabama football team. During his time as a strength and conditioning intern, Scott had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Heisman trophy winner Derrick Henry and a bevy of future NFL players.
Scott is certified as a strength and conditioning coach, USA weightlifting coach, and a national qualifying power lifter. The vast experience and expertise coach Scott developed working with some of the world’s elite athletes is translatable to the everyday work rate on Scotland Campus.