Sunday, September 17, 2017

Coach's Corner With: Jordan En'Wezoh, SCS

A former multi-sport athlete with deep recruiting ties to the Washington area, coach Jordan En’Wezoh arrives at Scotland Campus Sports with vast experience in coaching, skill development, academic advisement, scouting, and an in-depth understanding of NCAA rules and regulations.

During his time at the University of Washington, coach En’Wezoh built a steady rolodex featuring head coaches and assistant coaches across all levels of Division-I basketball.  
Not only developing a rapport with but mentoring top-shelf Division-I players, coach En’Wezoh possesses an advanced expertise. He's cognizant of the work load, devotion, accountability and mental intangibles required for the highest level of NCAA play. Such experience is essential in molding young men who will soon acclimatize to the demands of the Division-I level.

During his time as an assistant coach at Columbia Basin College, Jordan recruited the Pacific Northwest area thoroughly. He developed an enhanced wisdom of the region’s promising recruits, simultaneously discovering unheralded, unsung, diamond-in-the-rough style recruits with untapped potential. Tasked with leading day-to-day practices and workouts, Jordan helped implement strategic schemes and added on to the playbook.

In dissecting game film and scouting opponents heavily throughout the season, Jordan’s role quickly grew in importance. He soon became an instrumental figure in game preparation, helping utilize the team’s personnel in effective fashion. Picking up on the style, tendencies, and plays executed by the opponent, he adjusted the game plan based on the capabilities and flaws of the opponent.

At Scotland Campus Sports, Coach Jordan will shoulder the responsibilities of coaching, scouting, breaking down film, and pushing the workaday development of student-athletes.
With SCS undergoing a rapid transformation in strength of schedule in 2017-18, En’Wezoh will accurately assess traditionally potent prep opponents and prepare accordingly. Possessing wisdom in vital skill components and player development, he’ll be a constant presence in the gym and weight room. Speaking a variety of languages, Jordan will also assist with international recruiting.

Having coached at the high school and collegiate level while sustaining a presence in the high-major Division-I circles, Jordan will also have involvement in college placement. He will work in conjunction with college coaches throughout the country at all levels, situating student-athletes at a future hardwood home which best utilizes their skill-set.

Savvy with the evolving technological aspects that come with operating a program, we envision Jordan inheriting some ownership of Scotland Campus Sports. His experience with database management and his know-how in organizing scheduling, budget, tournaments, enrollment, and other critical aspects positions him for a multi-faceted role.