Monday, August 28, 2017

Uno En Uno With: Arminas Kleisys, Scotland Campus Sports

During the latter stages of his high school career, 6-foot-9 220-pound Arminas Kleisys authored spurts of promise.
A massive presence interior presence, Kleisys began dunking with both hands consistently and playing to his size. Tasked with patrolling the paint, protecting the rim, and providing hustle points, Kleisys eventually developed a back to the bucket game. A feathery short-range jumper, one which he vows to improve during his post-graduate season at Scotland Campus Sports, began to show life.

Once a supplementary option scoring the ball, a new confidence blossomed within the Lithuanian. Laced with upside, the then-senior pulled in offers from high Division-II programs such as Shepherd University (W.V.). When weighing the potential stock increase of additional year to fully develop (and extend that burgeoning soft touch to 18-foot and beyond the arc) Kleisys took the post-graduate route.

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