Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Uno En Uno With: Kasper Christiansen, Florida International Commit

ZS: Which aspects sold you on the program at Florida International and which factors made the school an appealing choice?

KC: First off, I really like the team. Their style definitely fits me well. They are a five-out kind of team, but they also have some inside forces. I believe I can come in and play plenty of minutes right away. I absolutely love their gym and coach (Mike) Gillian really sold the whole school well. Other than basketball, the fact that it is in Miami is great. The year round summer and the campus is beautiful. The food is incredible and that’s one of the most important aspects for me.

ZS: How has your game grown since adapting to the American style of play and what adjustments have you made over the past year playing for coach (Chad) Meyers at Massanutten Military Academy (Va.)?

KC: The Americanbasketball style is a lot faster, so my game has gotten faster of course. While playing for MMA, I had to go inside more since we didn’t really have another big. I’ve developed a much better inside game in the past year. At the same time, I’ve worked at improving my shot from behind the arc.

ZS: What would you say are the best attributes of your game and how do you expect that to translate to the Conference USA level?

KC: Definitely, the fact that I can shoot it well for a 6-foot-11 guy. I really enjoy the pick-and-pop game, so that will definitely convert over to the college game.

ZS: What was key to packing on muscle and going from 190 pounds to 210 in the past season?

KC: Diet. Eating a lot and eating good the entire time. And of course, putting plenty of consistent work into the weight room. I still need to gain weight this off-season and be ready for my freshman year which I’m looking forward to.