Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Uno En Uno with: Anfernee King

ZS: In high school, you had a pretty significant two-man foundation alongside Jordan Harris (now at Georgia) while at Donalsville. In going the prep route, you've got a very different make-up with guys all across the court contributing and a balanced offense. How have you adjusted?

AK: Being that we have a number of different guys that can score, I don't need to score as much. It's helped me change my identity to more of a defensive guy and a creator with the ball in my hands. I don't have as much pressure on myself to score so I've been able to concentrate more on shooting the rock and taking the right shots. I don't need to go out and look for my shot every night, I have the freedom to create for my teammates and use my defensive aggression to create buckets.

ZS: As a multi-sport athlete going up, what made you choose basketball over football?

AK: Don't get me wrong, I loved football. I played running back, cornerback, wide receiver, some safety different positions and loved the competition. Basketball just had more of an appeal to me and I felt it was the path I wanted to pursue for my future. I truly love the game more than anything else and it's where my passion is so that's what I based my decision on.

ZS: Which components of your game have grown and evolved in taking the post-graduate year?

AK: My shot selection and my shooting has been the biggest difference and also my involvement on the defensive end. Also right now, I'm trying to develop a consistent pull-up game and have the pull-up 3-pointer as a key piece to my overall package. Also I'm getting stronger and getting better at finishing around the rim. Being in the gym more and having more of a responsibility to work at it everyday has helped me improve steadily.

ZS: Given the recent roster changes you guys have undergone, how has your role increased on this team?

AK: Right now, everybody sees the chance to contribute and score the ball because we have a pretty balanced offense where we can have a different guy be 'the man' every night. Guys are stepping up at the right times and we're playing as a team, so we continue to challenge each other and bring our game up a notch.

ZS: How has both the prep environment and coach (Brad) Traina helped cultivate a new work ethic in you?

AK: Coach Brad reminds us every day how hard we have to work and goes out and exemplifies it himself. He stays on us in a way that makes us work harder and not only respect the grind but love it and stay committed as well. Being here at Conrad it becomes your life, you don't got much of a choice.