Wednesday, December 21, 2016

TCA Player of the Week: Malcolm Farrington, Class of 2018

As TCA's primary catch-and-stick threat, Malcolm Farrington knows an open shot is a good shot for him. His ability to seize the hot hand rapidly and shoot Conrad out of scoring droughts has enabled him to inherit a tremendous green light with head coach Shaun Wiseman.

Farrington, a junior out of West Palm Beach, Fla., got free and stuck a number of timely 3-pointers (finishing with six treys total), scoring 20 points en route to a pivotal 74-70 win over SIAA foe Potter's House. The 6-foot-3 off guard nailed a trio of treys during the third quarter, heating up at the opportune time.

There's a running joke in the Conrad locker room that Farrington has an "electric shocker" attached to his ankle, one which goes off every time he attempts a two-pointer (he's scored a majority of his points this season on 3-point field goals).

Yes, he's a 3-point specialist on paper. Yes, it's a rarity that he'll pull up for that mid-range jumper and pass up on a trey. At the same time, Farrington continues to expand his repertoire by driving to the bucket more and turning in traditional 3-point plays (as he's done in recent wins against Arlington Country Day and 22 Feet Academy).

If Farrington continues to shoot from deep as he did against Potter's House, his coaches and teammates are just fine with the electric shocker remaining on his ankle. Farrington is also a high-academic kid, registering a 3.8 GPA this semester.

If he continues to progress and expand his game at this rate, don't be surprised to see Ivy and Patriot League schools plunking down scholarship offers.