Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Stringer Looking To Expand Profile At TCA

Scott Stringer possess a deft touch from both 18 feet out and beyond the arc. His form never changes, his wrist barely moving its original position as he fires, fires, fires away.

A 5-foot-11 combination guard known for deadeye accuracy once he develops the hot hand, Stringer's game first garnered notice in Bendigo, Australia.

A younger kid getting his basketball teeth cut against older, tougher players, Stringer developed more confidence in his ability to come off screens ready to catch-and-stick.

Immediately, he earned reputation as a guy who could get points off in a hurry. He made would-be-stoppers pay for over-guarding him, surging his way to the rim past unsuspecting defenders.

This past year, the shot has never been an issue for Stringer. He watches Steph Curry meticulously and picks up on the nuances of Klay Thompson's shot as well. Evolving into a student of the game, especially as he's transferred to the United States and Orlando-based The Conrad Academy, Stringer has become more adept at understanding his abilities and limitations. Under coach Ryan Rodriguez, Stringer as a major outside shooting threat and a guy who could put up numbers while needing only a low number of shots.

His work ethic, lauded by Rodriguez, is an aspect extremely paramount to success for this year's guard-oriented and international-laden team. Stringer hopes to expand his game by bettering his handle on a day-to-day basis, becoming more adept with alternative ways to score (drives, floaters, hard-attacking and finishing), and eventually becoming a major offensive catalyst.

He's worked at this by spending an uptick of hours in the gym, even trekking several miles up the street to play in pickup games at University of Central Florida.

"My whole purpose of coming to the United States was to improve my game to the maximum levels," said Stringer.

Therefore, I wanted to use my education and basketball skill-set to either get a full scholarship or an education as cheap as possible."

Stringer is a linchpin in a team rife with hot-shooting 3-point threats. They always make it a point to fire up shots before and after practice. There is no confusion regarding the identity of this team, as it will be strictly predicated on unique scorers and outside shooters who will look to score in quick-hit fashion. The fast paced tempo caters to a group that may not have the most size and are lacking a frontline.

"Our team contains mainly guards who are capable of scoring the ball," said Stringer.

"Our team plays really hard on an everyday basis. We all have the utmost confidence in each other. Because of our collective trust, we always look to get each other involved on the court. The fact that we mesh well so much outside of the court, it definitely plays into how we mesh on the court. We are all here to achieve a common goal and that's winning our last game and ultimately earning a scholarship."