Thursday, September 22, 2016

Uno En Uno With: Cameron Corcoran, Arkansas Little Rock commit

ZS: Which aspects helped sell you on Arkansas Little Rock and what ultimately factored into your decision?

CC: I would say their guard play was a major draw for me. Coach (Wes) Flanigan likes to play three guards, he really depends on his guards and puts a lot of trust and responsibility into their guards.

 I felt like I could get it done for him and was confident I could help carry on their tradition of gritty guards.

ZS: In which ways is your game cut for the system they employ at Arkansas Little Rock?

CC: With Coach Flanigan being a great point guard at Auburn, I think he can help me establish myself as a better leader and a very heady and solid point guard at that level.

I think coach recruited me because of my natural ability to shoot the ball. He just wants me to become an all around threat at guard.

 I'll do whatever it is that's needed to lead the team to a victory.

ZS: How do you adjust your game from being a score-first guy at Orlando Christian Prep to being more of a quarterback and leader at The Conrad Academy this year?

CC: The transition has allowed me to be more realistic about my role. Being a smaller guard at 6-feet at the college level, I'm going to be more of a leader and a playmaker who gets everyone involved.

So, it has allowed me to create more and become more passionate about passing the ball and making my teammates better.

ZS: Which components of your game are you working to refine this season?

What played into your decision to spend a year at The Conrad Academy?

CC: I've been working a lot on my handle and less dribbles. I'm working on taking more high percentage shots.

I opted to come here for a year because of the opportunity to work with coach Brad Traina, who has really prepared me for college and developing my game so that there is no transition at all when I get to college.

I look up to coach Brad because of his knowledge of the game and because he played the game at a high level professionally.

 He pushes me a lot. Not in a negative way, he stays on me and makes sure I'm constantly working.

He makes me see the game different by breaking it down in various ways. So it gives me a whole new, more advanced perspective of it all.

 From training with him, my elevation on my shot has gotten better.

 My legs are feeling stronger and my handle is more precise.

He's just making me a better and mature player and it will help me to contribute right away in college I feel.

ZS: How did you benefit from having another diminutive and high-caliber guard in (top class of 2018 target) Damon Harge Jr. in the backcourt with you last year?

Obviously, nothing compares to the euphoria of winning a state title...

CC: At Orlando Christian Prep, Damon was great with the ball  and he was such a solid point guard, it helped me score the ball and get more opportunities to get my shot off.

Our chemistry was key in leading our teams to wins. He's in North Carolina now and I think he's got a chance to be a special player there.

ZS: Which schools recruited you throughout the process and how did you narrow it down?

CC: It was Acorn State, Florida International, and Stetson.

 UCF was showing a lot of interest but they never offered.

Arkansas Little Rock, I feel as if they just had everything that could take me to the next level. Watching them make it to the NCAA tournament and get that upset impacted me a lot. Josh Hagins, incredible guy.

He made it to the NBA summer league and now he's playing overseas.

ZS: What mentality did Showtime Ballers ingrain in you and how have you reaped the rewards of that experience?

CC: Playing with Showtime and coach Diane really got my confidence and helped me become a gritty guard who plays tough.

They've had a number of big time recruits come through the system so I of course tried to make the best out of the opportunity.

Without playing with Showtime, I wouldn't be at the level I'm at now.