Thursday, August 4, 2016

Uno En Uno with: Doug Ferguson, DEGENERATE SPORTS

Doug Ferguson doesn't care what you think. If his antics are too over the top for you, if you find his explosive statements offensive, you don't have to listen. Ferguson assures you he won't change his attitude or mentality on his new podcast. 

A major advocate of AAU basketball and the college recruiting scene in the Chicago/Indiana area, Ferguson cut his teeth as a reporter and analyst at now-defunct NBE. During his time there, Ferguson conducted descriptive and thorough scouting reports of Big East recruits and beyond.

 With the AAU schedule doubling as his livelihood, Ferguson transversed the country in developing an accurate read on high-major talent.

He's since grown in his commitment to the youth and grass-roots scene, helping those in the basketball hotbed of Chicago earn maximized visibility and coverage. He's learned and grown from his younger/older brother, reputable Chicago hoops pioneer Daniel Poneman, the head honcho at SWAG AIR. 

Both Ferguson and Poneman have been instrumental in helping Chicago area high school players earn full scholarships and garner an increased level of exposure.

Unlike a vast majority of the fake hustlers and Hollywood-wannabe street agents/shakedown artists out there seeking personal financial gain, a significant amount of Poneman's work in this particular industry has been charitable.

To know Ferguson is know someone who doesn't hold back or orchestrate a phony act to appease you. True to who he is, Poneman refuses to care whether or not his takes may change your perception of him....

ZS: What's the focus of the podcast and what are some of the major topics you'll be dissecting?

DF: My podcast is something I created so I could just wild out without embarrassing certain companies for which I work. It is meant to offend douche bags that take sports way too seriously and to entertain those who take sports for what it is supposed to be...ENTERTAINMENT!

My partner, Alek Gambles, full-time hasn't had job in about a year. He just sits in his pool and gets drunk and smokes medical weed while placing degenerate bets. A lot of our show is gambling-centric, but mostly it's just two degenerates talking shit about sports with no regard for dorks who get offended easily. We both know sports well, so it's the best for those interested in both sports and humor. 

ZS: Are you still active on the AAU scene and what is your current involvement with the grass-roots scene in the CHI/Indy area? Are you still tight with Poneman, who you used to reference as "Boy Wonder?"

DF: I have a two-year-old son who I spend a lot of time with, so I haven't traveled the AAU circuit a whole lot in the past couple years. I still stay plugged in more than 90 percent of those who do. Technology has made that a lot easier, with events such as Peach Jam being live-streamed and such. I do miss being amongst the people and developing relationships, so I plan on starting to gradually get back out there starting next year. There is nothing quite like staying in a shitty hotel and spending 15 hours in the gym with bleachers stuck up my ass. 

Daniel and I live far away from each other, but are still very close. I owe him my life for what he's taught me since we met several years ago. He is a mentor, little brother, and big brother all rolled in one to me. I am so proud of the path he's chosen. He could be a multi-millionaire at 25 but he's chosen to change thousands of lives through philanthropy and as a goodwill ambassador for basketball, especially in Chicago. Many people sit around and have a bitch fest about the horrible things going in Chicago, but my man is out there doing things about it. I still do some scouting work for his website, 

Currently, we are just working on our independent projects for the most part. We will work together again soon though. When the job is just basketball-related, no two people work together better than D-PEEZY and Uncle Douggy. We could run 2/3rds of the teams in the NBA better than their current front offices and we have never even worked a day in the league. 

ZS: Who exactly are these easily-offended types you hope to piss off with this podcast? Anyone in particular? 

DF: I don't want to confine myself to a specific type of loser. If you get offended by something on a sports show you need to get a fucking life. For instance, after our first episode, some dork named Chad slid in my direct messages to inform me that it was inappropriate to say "Chicago fans and media have blood on their hands for driving Derrick Rose out of town." 

He said something about it being in poor taste due to all the real blood being shed in the streets of Chicago. My conscience is clear though, as I've helped hundreds of Chicago kids get into college through basketball while the homie Chad is sitting behind his keyboard jerking off to the notion he's some kind of hero for not knowing the definition of a figure of speech. I'm always willing to offend someone who is willing to be offended. 

Side note: All of my podcasts begin with a trigger warning to retire to your safe space if you're a pussy so if I make you cry, you have nobody but to blame but yourself.