Friday, July 8, 2016

Meet Tony Falce: Summer Tour '16

Tony Falce is not your workaday trainer. Never has been. In a world where endless self-promotion and exhausting self-proclaimed greatness seems to be the norm, Falce is very much a throwback. For one, he's not keen on social media. He'd rather have his vast variety of athletes buy in through action, not words or tweets or pictures.

Known for arduous and mentally taxing beach workouts in South Florida, Falce subscribes to the tenet of "loyalty before royalty."

He keeps tight tabs on all of his athletes, whether it's a varsity volleyball player or a highly-marketable NBA veteran. Sustaining the mentor-pupil relationship through the barometer of time, Falce places value on his presence in each and every one of their lives. No matter how consuming his schedule may be, "Big Tony" makes sure he finds time to see them play.

Falce has been doing this for 21 years. He still wakes up--at 3AM or 4AM given the day--sporting a toothy smile. Ultra-hyped about implementing a pain-staking workout regimen which features everything from sand-soaked beach runs to oblique work, Falce brings unbridled focus and energy.

Making time to see each and every one his trainees has always been a first-and-foremost priority for Falce.

Male, 45 years old
Coach Falce has been turning High School athletes into Pros for over 21 years. His passion and respect to the sport is second to none. His programs are designed in helping athletes develop speed, agility, balance and strength. His training style is unique and makes every client’s goal very achievable. Coach Falce has worked extensively with pro basketball and baseball players for Pre-Draft and Off-Season. During this time, 21 of his basketball clients have been selected in the NBA 1st round. Within the last few years, some of his programs have been featured in HBO Sports, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, SB Nation and Denver Post.

Falce earned a bachelor's degree in education in 1994 from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. During his time at IUP, he was a two-year starter and one of the last players in college football history to play both offensively and defensively. 

In 1993, he led the NCAA in quarterback sacks per plays, averaging a sack every 22 plays. Also in that year, his team played in the National Championship Game.

Falce has three Certifications from Personal Trainers Association (PROPTA) and has been a Master Director for PROPTA since 2003. 

His Certification is in Professional Velocity Personal Trainer, Professional Private Training and Nutrition Specialist. In 2013, Falce became Certified as a NASM & ACE Master Trainer for Stroops Fuctional Performance (SFP). 

February 9, 2015 

All it took was a nifty no-look pass to Loul Deng. 

That assist, rather flashy for a sturdy and workmanlike 6-foot-10 banger of Chris “Birdman” Andersen’s type, stirred the Bird to high-flying power en route to Monday night’s thorough Knicks thrashing. 

The Bird flew all over the court, igniting Miami with an aerial game fans are eager to see more of. 
Andersen emphatically punched home a pair of alley oops while applying straitjacket-esque defense, handcuffing the decaying Stoudemire in the paint. 

Blocking and manipulating shots down low, you could feel Tony Falce’s adrenaline spike in the stands. Falce, the widely-recognized Master Professional Personal Trainer and currently sharpening up myriad Division-I prospects at Elev8 in Delray Beach, is the Bird’s trainer and his most loyal, ardent advocate. 

Yet  Falce's ties to Anderson go beyond that. He’s known him before the stardom, before the fanfare, before this country boy littered in funky tattoos became one of Miami’s favorite sons.

Andersen, out of Iola, Texas (born in Long Beach, Calif.) is quite the NBA anomaly.

The tattoos, enabling his body to double as a human museum, have the Bird pigeonholed in the Badboy image of names such as Rodman, Laimbeer, Artest, and bar room brawling Brad Miller. Built and bred in these bigs of the 90s heyday was a sense of freedom to steer foes out of the paint.  The game has softened, tremendously, with less emphasis on augmented bodywork.

His rap sheet, stained and dented by undisclosed violations of the NBA’s drug policy, have the Bird misconstrued as an enforcing, lawless thug.

A Wildman injecting partyboy flair into the league? Hardly. 

A drug-addled biker capable of smoking and snorting even JR Rider, Rasheed Wallace, or even Chris Herron (sounds strikingly similar to heroin) under the table?

Not even close.

An introvert regarding his personal life, rather demure about an unlikely journey from Blinn Community College (Tx) to the IBL to the D-League to one of the NBA’s hottest stages in sizzling South Florida, the Bird has evolved into an ultra-marketable commodity. He's currently the poster boy of Hard Rock energy drink.

Birdman was an obscure yet intriguing prospect out of tiny Iola. Initially a three-sport athlete who also thrived in football and track, Andersen became more serious about basketball during an early growth spurt. The country boy's ability to finish at a high-percentage and eventually finish in ferocious fashion at point blank rendered him a safe bet in the trenches.  

 Now expanding his game with a deeper jumper and flashy passes, the Bird's had a loud impact on a team enhancing its front court.