Friday, January 8, 2016

Dunn Primed For A March To Be ReKEMBered

Though a bit taller and not as deftly quick, Kris Dunn has heard an awful lot of comparisons to former UConn stud Kemba Walker this season. Walker, as we remember, pieced together one of the more magical one-man massacres of NCAA tournament history. 

It was Walker's knack for attacking and pulling off game-winning plays in crunch time that led a young and callow Huskies team to the 2011 NCAA tournament championship.  

Dunn's game doesn't draw that many parallels to Walker's. Overall, they are different threats with a different arsenal. Both electrifying and high-scoring guards, Dunn's winning attributes now mirror those of Walker. 

These leadership qualities are a necessity for any veteran looking to steer a team through the bumpy ride of pressure-hiked March.

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