Thursday, October 1, 2015

Books and Buckets With: Tanner Eubank

In high school, Tanner Eubank was relied upon to shoulder a bulk of the offense. The onus was on him to create and score the rock in beast mode fashion.

Possessing an innate feel for the game, a sweet stroke from beyond the arc, Eubank averaged 20 PPG as a junior. As a senior, he shifted from the two-guard to the point on the fly, thrust into the role of facilitator. Operating offense and leading by action, Eubank averaged 18.6 points and 6.2 dimes, emerging into Paw Paw (Mich.) High's all-time leader in numerous statistical categories.

Eubank was a high efficiency threat, not requiring a ton of shots to rack up the offensive numbers he did (169 career treys 90+ percent FT shooter).

Now at Elev8 Prep, Eubank is bordered by high-caliber NCAA talent. He'll again embrace the game management chores, while relishing the challenge of producing against top-flight competition. A basketball old-soul built on discipline and a tireless work ethic (on the court and in the classroom), Eubank boasts a 3.8 GPA. With multiple workouts consuming his time, Eubank has also stocked up on highly competitive college courses.

In sun-baked Delray Beach, Fla., there are several seductive recruiting tools for pretty much any teenage male on the planet. Elev8 is only a mile from the beach, two miles from oft-popping Atlantic Ave., a 15-minute ride from a Florida Atlantic University campus laced with hotter-than-El Aziza young females.

Though those options will always be there, the most important aspect of Eubank's stay at Elev8 will be his academics and the game of basketball...It's fair to say he's your quintessential low-risk recruit.

Eubank on Transitioning to Elev8

It's obviously much closer to the college basketball experience than anything. Everyone is starting to mesh together and get a feel for each other's style of play, despite most of us having never played together before. It's going to be a great year. I feel like I'll be a lot more prepared going into college now.

I'm just maturing as a player as a person everyday. Being around each other so much as teammates, we're all getting to know each other off the court and on it. We're really building chemistry. Of course, we're still learning each other's games and style on the court. We'll be fine.

On His Academics

My parents always instilled a work ethic in me, schooling me on the importance of education. They've made academics a top priority for me since third grade. I've just always been focused on grades and time management. Right now two of my favorite classes are sports management and economics. Eventually, I'd like to get into the business field. I just don't know exactly what yet.

On His Workout Regimen

Ganon Baker's workouts are obviously top-notch, as he's one of the best trainers in the world. It definitely gives you some major advantages. He helps us on making reads, cutting without the ball. He's just helped me to become more aggressive and he emphasizes being aggressive with the ball. He helps a lot with the mental components, helping guys play through mistakes. He's still got the handle.

I like workouts with Tony (Falce) because it builds mental and physical strength. The beach workouts definitely give you a mental edge, because you have to labor through the heat and the sun hitting you. I just feel a lot stronger and cut up as a result. I was never injury prone, but I feel Tony's workouts help reduce your chance of injury.