Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Books and Buckets With: Caleb Krohn, Scarsdale Basketball

ZS: How would you describe your role on this year's team and where are the expectations set under new coach Bill Murphy?

CK: My role on this year's team is to just be a leader. There isn't a certain number of points I need to score or assists I need to dish out per game.

 I think from game to game, my role will vary slightly, based on the team's needs. Coach Murphy expects a lot from us. 

I certainly think that's fair, as I believe we have a roster of guys capable of accomplishing a lot. Our team's collective goal remains to get to the County Center and see what we could do from there. 

Individually, I believe my accomplishments will be shown through my team's achievements. 

Would it be nice to reach 1,000 career points? Sure. It wouldn't mean much to me, however, if that meant sacrificing a trip to the County Center. 

ZS: Which NCAA's are expressing the interest right now and where do you envision yourself playing?

CK: Bucknell, Williams, and Middlebury are expressing the most interest in me. A couple more Ivy and Patriot League schools are beginning to get into the mix. As of now, I'd like to just play to the best of my ability and see which options come my way. 

ZS: Which programs have offered and which campuses have you visited? 

CK: A bunch of NESCAC schools have offered me spots on their team, and Bucknell has offered me a guaranteed walk-on position. Out of the schools which have offered, I've visited Bucknell, Williams, and Middlebury. I have also visited a couple more Ivy and Patriot League schools.

ZS: Which attribute of your game do you value most?

CK: My ability to be a constant threat off the dribble. Using my dribble I am able to create scoring opportunities, not only for myself but for my teammates as well. 

ZS: What will be the identity and theme of this year's team? Which guys should we expect to play  considerable roles in reaching lofty expectations?

CK: This year we're hoping to to take advantage of the fact that nobody expects much from us. We understand that people make assumptions about us based on the name on our jerseys. Michael Rolfe, Sam Squadron, Max Bosco, Matt Berger, Drake Weissman, Blake Nossel, Andrew Liskin, James Landau and Josh Wasserman are all guys who will be asked to contribute to the team's success this year.

ZS: Who has been the most influential figure in your development as a player?

CK: My Dad has been my most influential figure in my development. He has spent countless hours in gyms and driveways working with me and teaching me what is necessary to take my game to the collegiate level. 

ZS: What were some of the most memorable games and biggest stage performances from your AAU experience this summer? 

CK: The biggest tournament I played in was the Hardwood Classic in Kansas City. There I played against guys like Michael Porter, Gary Trent, and Trae Young. It was a great opportunity to measure myself up against the best of the best and really get a sense of where I stand against the elite. It also gave me an idea of which aspects of my game I need to work on. 

ZS: Favorite class at Scarsdale and why? 

CK: My favorite class at Scarsdale is probably history because I have one of the best teachers I have ever had, Rashid Silvera. 

He always knows how to make class entertaining and really cares about his students and their interests.

ZS: What is your current GPA? Which goals, academic-wise, would you list for this semester?

CK: My current GPA is 3.72  and my goals for the semester are to simply keep working hard in the classroom and do as well as I can.