Monday, October 5, 2015

Baylor Offers Elev8's Eubanks (Again)

Baylor was the school highly-touted 6-foot-5 guard Kobie Eubanks initially committed to. It was the first program Eubanks had his eyes set on playing for.

 Now, following an arduous recruiting road in which Eubanks twice re-opened his recruitment, the post-graduate could potentially take a detour back to Waco, Texas.

"I spoke with (assistant) coach (Jerome) Tang and coach Scott Drew about coming in December," said Eubanks, who has now received a qualifying ACT score.

"It was the first school I wanted to go to coming out of high school, but I couldn't because of an academic situation that took place when I was at American Heritage (FL). Then again, Baylor was the first school I wanted to go to. It really didn't affect anything. I still have the same feelings about the program that I had when I was ready to go there."

Eubanks still values Baylor. His relationship with American Heritage, however, frayed over an alleged grade manipulation. Eubanks' father, Clayton Eubanks, filed a lawsuit against Plantation American Heritage, claiming the school put his Baylor scholarship in jeopardy by altering his grades.

Now at Elev8 Prep in Delray Beach, Fla., Eubanks is also entertaining interest from St. John's, Memphis, Georgetown, and Western Kentucky.

He's slated to visit Baylor within two weeks. Georgetown will be in South Florida on Tuesday to see the high-scoring guard, who creates a matchup difficulty with deep-shooting ability and a knack for knifing to the rim.

Eubanks penned with Alabama in June, as head coach Avery Johnson's most highly-rated recruit. In late August, the plot changed.

Eubanks was shocked to learn that he was declared ineligible. Right before the fall academic semester kicked off, Alabama did not receive Eubanks' ACT score.

The worst appears to be over for Eubanks, who has evolved from strictly a catch-and-stick threat to a guy who can create with both hands and change a game defensively.

Oregon, Kansas, UCLA, Texas, and just about every high-major you could jot down expressed interest in the Fort Lauderdale, Fla. native.

"Decommitting from Baylor had nothing to do with Baylor itself, they had nothing to do with it," Eubanks said.

"It was a situation I didn't have control of. I still look at Baylor the same way now as I did from day one."