Thursday, November 6, 2014

Smoovment Continues A Week After Shank Contest

So the idea of a bunch of the Roadhouse's alcohol-muddled patrons waving around knives might not be the most soothing thought, huh?

Think again. If it's Halloween in New York, there's a high likelihood that your going to get shanked either way.

Nevertheless, everyone survived and emerged alive as the Roadhouse kicked off its annual Halloween Pumpkin carving contest last Thursday, with everyone and anyone decked in costumes.

Blaring from the speakers, orchestrated by the Young Spinner DJ Smoov, was a unique Ghostbusters mix and an eclectic core of Halloween-themed beats featuring Michael Jackson's time-tested Oct. 31 banger, 'Thriller.'

HAPPY HEALTHY HUMBLE HUNGRY AND HATE-FREE Hastings capped off the festivities in traditional roadhouse fashion, carving pumpkins while washing down a vast array of $3 Rolling Rocks, fireball, and Jamo shots.

And while carving pumpkins set the mood right last week, with the pitchers and onslaught of shots expanding everyone's creative juices, our very own DJ Smoov will carve through a larger-than-life library ranging from rock to hip-hop to soul to club bangers.

While his earliest affinity for music was shaped by albums like Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt and artists such as Eminem, SMOOV embodies Slim Shady's hard-hitting, rapid-fire flow in the way he beat-matches.

While having an innate feel for which beats will cater to the crowd helps cultivate Smoov's track selection while spurring the movement at this party pad, it's his ability to dig deep into that virtual music encyclopedia in his dome that allows him to make these Roady nights epic.

Buoyed by verbal assassins of his time, Smoov certainly won't argue with history. He'll throw a little Coltrane and Marvin Gaye to vibe it up for the old-timers and lovers as soon as they chug into the door at 533 Warburton.

Jukeboxes and mix tapes are non-existent when Smoov is operating, the trillions of gigabytes of lyrical theater enmeshed in his office (the DJ Booth) seems to eclipse all of that.

Expect much of the same tonight, as DJ Smoov will be unrelenting in his effort to shred the place into pieces by the end of the night, capping off a memorable evening....If only we could remember!

The Smoovment continues this evening, as we implore all our Hastonians to kick off the near-weekend the right way.