Monday, September 1, 2014

Uno En Uno With: Shane Purdy, Mahopac Football

ZS: What can you take from the experience of the recent scrimmage? Which aspects of the game were you guys fluid in, what do you still need to work on?

SP: From that experience, we saw the real speed of the game and how fast it is. I think we tackled very well as a team and communicated very well. We still need to work on getting all 11 players to rally to the ball.

ZS: Last year, with since-graduated weapons such as QB Ethan Ryan, TE Ryan Simone, and RB Brendan Donahoe, you guys had several multi-faceted threats capable of adapting to different positions and roles. What's the identity of this year's team and how will you empower the strengths and use them to your advantage?

SP: Some of our offensive strengths are the offensive line and the speed we have in the backfield. Our identity is playing aggressive and downhill. We will use our strong points to our advantage by utilizing the speed in the backfield and getting a good push up front by the offensive line. This should enable us to move the ball very well down the field.

ZS: How do you assess the Week 1 opponent based on the scouting report?

SP: Fox Lane is a very good team and has some speed on the offensive side of the ball.

ZS: What role are you shouldering on this year's squad and what do you hope to do individually to help the team?

SP: My role this year is to be a leader and help the team any way I can. Individually, I hope to help the team by contributing anyway possible.

ZS: Who are the captains and who is flushed into a prominent leadership role?

SP: This year's captains are Max Littleton, Max Senger, Ryan Delahanty, and Matt Quigley. I think that all the seniors have a prominent leadership role on this team...

ZS: Any pre-game traditions or routines to get yourself hyped on game day?

SP: Just thinking about running onto the field gets me revved up. Coach Jim (Donahoe) always has some nice classic rock playing in the locker room to get the team ready to play.

ZS: Funniest teammate?

SP: I would have to say Andrew Annabi. Funniest kid in the locker room.

ZS: Best place to get a bite to eat in Mahopac?

SP: BLISS has the best food in Mahopac.

ZS: Most memorable part of character-testing two and three-a-days this summer?

SP: Looking back on it, the most memorable part of doubles and triples was realizing that our team had become one big family.