Thursday, September 4, 2014

Smoovment Continues On Mamaroneck Ave.

A smooth operator helps the earth spin across its axis.

Without it, rhythm and flow and all of the central components of the party scene would be out of order. On opening-night of football, our very DJ Smoov is the quarterback, directing a wealth of rapid-fire of club bangers.

DJ Smooth as accurate depiction of a soul-cleansed workhorse, he of the exquisite touch.

Behind that megawatt smile is a man constantly enamored in his next beat. He's proved it in Hastings. He's proved it across Mamaroneck Ave., re-planting the party seed in White Plains' popping hotbed.

Tonight, rather than being sequestered in the cozy confines of that jail cell you call a home, get out to Copper Face Jack's on 166 B Mamaroneck Ave.

We're throwing you an exclusive special featuring $3 Bud Lights and $3 Fireball, for those of age.

We know how little of summer is left, frittering away as the leaves crumble under the Autumn weight. It's still piping-hot out here. It's still scenic settings here in Westchester. Don't get it twisted, swimming or snowing Smoov's speakers are still blowing.

That's all the more reason i implore my Westchester brothers and sisters to come through tonight and witness one of the youngest, hungriest, most multi-faceted Deejays tear the joint apart.
Blockbuster nights are for those in nursing homes. COME THROUGH!!!
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