Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Boardy Barn's Lorenzo Expands Legend To BTUSA

Infiltrating the mindset of the imitable JIMMY SOUL's may take a little time.

Once it's done, however, you comprehend the unrefined swagger that defines Lorenzo's sand-soaked life. You gain an idea of the mental fortitude and fearlessness, which Lorenzo executes with nary a morsel of limitation and a megawatt smile at the day's conclusion.

JIMMY SOUL can chop it up with anyone, he's bound to make his name known on all territories in all walks of life.

He can share a table with the millionaire from Chappaqua just as easily as he can arrange a short-term deal with fabled Harlem gangsters such as NICKY BARNES or Guy Fisher. He's multi-layered as far as assimilating to people and places, a rare art so many in business now lack.

Through Lorenzo's unique and consistent gift of gab, an uncanny willingness to shed his own ego and assimilate he's gone from the Deejay booth to the annual Long Beach BTUSA tourney to various scenic beaches all across the planet.

Lorenzo's years in event planning, blended in with a Long Island-bred affinity for sand sports, brought him to Beach Tennis. The volleyball/tennis hybrid continues to grow, with an international following.

The innate draw of Lorenzo is he's never out of his comfort zone, never one to masquerade his true feelings and his intent on spreading the rhythm.

He's been spinning for significant percentage of his time on this planet, turning professional at age 17. By 23, he had become the unrivaled poster boy of the Boardy Barn. Thumbing through stockpiles of classic records, prior to the day of mix tapes and IPods, Lorenzo helped franchise the Hamptons party pad.

Lorenzo first discovered the Boardy Barn during a summer vacation with several childhood pals. He was dream chasing and looking for a journey that would escape the norm. He and the clique all copped mattresses and bed springs and rented out vacant rooms above a used hardware store.

Entering his senior year of high school, Lorenzo took a sojourn into the popping pad that would make his career.

Happy Hours and legendary nights at Boardy paved the path for his life as a party planning aficionado. An Italian Van Wilder, with an affinity for diversified genres of music and innovative methods of luring in scalding young females, Lorenzo expanded his business as the myriad requests for his services began piling up.

When Lorenzo was a teenager, he sold italian ices all summer just to gain enough money to purchase some of his favorite records. Keeping his collection intact over a 20-year span, he now has a library-load of all-time classics jam-packed inside the basement of DJ Productions.

There was no ceiling, zero mental blocks on the potential Boardy once oozed of. This was before some of the current day trash permeated the door and altered the landscape a degree or two.

Picture the giddiness of a little kid, when the idea of constructing a giant tree-house permeates his brain. That's the level of sheer excitement that coursed through his veins when his grand plans of building up the Boardy Barn surfaced.

Of course, it hasn't all been peaches and cream.

Plenty have warred with Lorenzo. 

Plenty have barked at him. 

Plenty have demanded he adjust his hard-hitting yet fun-loving style, his method of appeasing droves and droves since his early Boardy days.  

Yet you can't change the spots on a zebra without effective reasoning. You can't pinpoint too many flaws on a product that ultimately works.

A coach on a winning program can always be chastised and berated, his every move thoroughly analyzed and dissected and spit right back at him. Yet if the end result amounts to wins, with more supporters than haters and there is a happy balance.

The Soul man's luster is still vibrant His appeal to Beach Tennis' foreigners, who travel myriad miles to compete at all levels intact.

Lorenzo is a straight-laced cat, lacking the bullshit and extravagant over-the-top promises of a manipulative used car salesman. 

The phoniness that comes to define so many in the business world is invisible. 

There is no jekyll and Hyde with Soul. Considering he works at his house at the same maniacal rate he does his workaday job, it's fair to say he's always giving orders. That's his style, dating back for 25 years now. He's always embodying a vocal point guard, providing alignment for his team and making sure his bigs box out as effectively as his shooters spot up and get open and fall back on defense. 

There is no deceit in Soul's actions, whether you are a doubter or a believer.

There is no smile faked or preferential treatment to any.

Sure, a mood swing here and there will emerge during tense moments. The cut-throat, crush-or-be crushed mentality parallels his work ethic. 

He is destined to get the job done, even if a few mishaps here and there trigger group laughter. There's a workmanlike spin and even a few sprinkles of bluster and bravado in there, a competitive edge and that simple desire to one-up the competition.

 He may harken back on one of his childhood football games on the Island, when he blurred through tacklers and maneuvered his 5-foot-7 frame out of trouble. He still gets goosebumps recalling those childhood days as a beach boy, the world comfortably at his fingertips.

Thickskin is required in Lorenzo's line of work, knowing that appeasing everyone simply is not realistic.

Lorenzo describes himself as a man of beaming confidence, yet his realism allows his commentary to toe the line without hearing backlash.
Sometimes it has to be said, Lorenzo has no issue spilling out his real thoughts, without catering to you or force-feeding you the words you simply want to hear. 
The likelihood is "UNCLE JIMMY" will always have more advocates than adversaries, more scalding young females who love to plant a kiss on him upon first acquaintance.
It will always be known that his career was sparked at the Boardy Barn, during easier and care-free times.

Next Stop, Boardy Barn Hall of Fame.