Thursday, August 28, 2014

Taekwondo Culture Blossoming In Yorktown

Taekwondo is not just a martial art--it's a way of life.

At W.S. Jeung's Taekwondo on 1889 Commerce Street, Instructor Seung preaches the essential components of the trade while instilling life values. The discipline and cerebral mindset necessary in the heat of battle are vital.

If you are looking to morph into Bruce Lee's understudy overnight, a bolt-quick machine who's a surefire bet toovertrain while encountering zero limitations on work ethic, this is probably not the place for you.

If you want to develop an advanced skill-set and work diligently and absorb this mixed bag of kicks, massive strikes, stamina, flexibility, endurance, gear-changing quickness and mental savvy, this is it.

The notable difference separating a Taekwondo fighter from others of his/her ilk is the pivotal, late-fight execution.

Those in Taekwondo are capable of execute a deal-ending, game-over strike, the final say in a sparring match.

Remember the classic 1990s-era video game, Mortal Combat? Remember how at the end of every matchup, the fighter has a "Finish Him" move?

That's what Taekwondo offers, a method of punishing the opponent with an end move. While Taekwondo is a far shot from a violent, street fighter-styled video game, there are benefits and positive draws to being able to defend oneself in the highest order.

Self-effacing others helped create the sport in the 1950s and 1960s in the South Korean military, a method of warding off intruders in eyeball-to-eyeball, one-on-one fashion.

Without it, many would not be alive. While the traditional Taekwondo was purely an art of self-defense, Sport Taekwondo increased in popularity, with a stronger emphasis on the competition aspect.

 Disciples of the imitable Choi Hong Hi carried out International Taekwondo.

 Another form, inherited from KUKKIWON, set the wheels in motion for an Olympic event.

Under Jeung, the respect and discipline aspect of the trade is ubiquitous. Every day, hordes of young men train and expand their defensive repertoire.

Since becoming established here in Yorktown, W.S. Jeung has cultivated a product that works.

Those who arrived lackluster and lackadaisical have walked out the door motivated and focused.

Students once indifferent to training and unrealistic about Taekwondo have learned the basic tenets of the sport/self-defense, competing throughout high-level tournaments across the country.

This past spring, W.S. Jeung's launched locals such as Kiran Treacy-Hind, Hein Kim, Peter Kim (Somers), Dom Sanfardino(Yorktown), Matt Kim(Somers) to the World Class Division, where they were flanked by elite young talent.

Jueng continues to not only groom a steady boatload of grass-roots talent, but sell amateurs on Taekwondo, instilling a tried-and-true toughness in would-be warriors.

This is a pressure-free environment designed to make one better and more proficient while serving as a dependable source of workaday exercise.

 It's a little more exhilarating than jogging on a treadmill and pumping out weights, with more engaging competition and a more effective opportunity of increasing flexibility.

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