Thursday, August 21, 2014

Smoovment Continues On Mamaroneck Ave.

The "Smoovment" continues tonight, as 914's newest brand name DJ hits Mamaroneck Ave.

Executing his grand plans to churn out soul-enriching music, Smoov is armed to the teeth with a library-load of beats.

Go ahead and request your favorites, your go-to jams.

Come with the play list handy, request those classics, originals, club bangers, everything ranging from Hip Hop to House to Rock N' Roll to rasta music. Anything and everything in between.

Don't get it twisted. DJ Smooth is the homegrown product, the glossy young spinner hell-bent on redefining the once-ailing White Plains nightlife.

He's taking those popping party pads back to the memorable epoch, the good ol' days.


It starts tonight.

Come through.

THOSE OF AGE, cleanse the soul and cut off any lingering stress with rapid-fire shots of FIREBALL, only $3 a pop at Copper Face Jacks on 166 Mamaroneck Ave.

You can bet your bottom buck Smoove will be electrifying the joint, altering the landscape of the nightlife in ways only household emcees/Deejays like Jimmy Soul are capable of.

Consider Smoov the newest, not an "up-and-coming" prodigy but a "right now" mainstay.

Raised by the ROADHOUSE, Smoov is a musical operator--  tasked with engineering a new era of music and ramped up entertainment that few can simulate.

Join the Smoovement Tonight! Don't get left in the dust tracks.

Blockbuster nights (yawn), staying in (yawn), and little "get togethers" are the social lives of the old, frail, and lonely.

Live a little. Come up for air. Accept a release from your Thursday night Cave.

Come through White Plains tonight, where the Roadhouse-bred SMOOV will kick off Black Bear. The Smoovement will not be complete without the entirety of the crew, so bring the whole clique thick.

Bless your eardrums to the vast array of beats now permeating SMOOV's walls, a new flavor tailor-cut for a new era.

The Smoovement will not be televised. Come through and experience it live. Bring White Plains back to its Pax Romana, an unrivaled period of prosperity.

Epic times await.

Twist it up, drink it up, savor the Thorough Thursday nightlife. If you can't pull something here, well.....A re-evaluation is necessary!

More importantly, join our man DJ SMOOV at Black Bear and Copper Face Jacks on Mamaroneck Ave tonight. #Itson #Bout2getpopping #smoovement #Comethrough #DEEJAY