Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pac Shows Promise Early


Few could have envisioned this frenetic start from Mahopac, which has rolled out of the chute hotter than the jail cell in the South.
The Indians are 5-0 and have a signature victory on their resume, with a tough matchup against Scarsdale waiting in the wings.
 Did anyone see this coming?
 Sure, the Indians dripped of potential with the inside-outside tandem of Ryan Simone and RJ Martinez, each of whom expanded their game throughout a rigorous summer schedule.

 Sure, the onus falls on Mahopac to tear its teeth into a league title.
Sure, a pair of All-Section candidates on the same roster ensures the Indians won’t slip out of relevance.
 The lack of experience and influx of first-year varsity players, however, would portend early struggle.
 Growing pains and a few hurdles standing in Mahopac’s way early on seemed inevitable given the team’s youth movement.

Don’t forget that Mahopac’s 2013 graduation claimed a deep, athletic senior class. That group played with an immeasurable savvy and passion, emanating from the wild and wildly loyal fan base, the Mahopac Maniacs.

On paper, which is a term rapidly becoming one of the more aggravating and glaringly overused cliché in sports, Mahopac seemed prime for a seesaw season.

Again, the loss of nine lettermen has the power to extract mediocre projections, especially when several players a limited varsity pedigree are funneled into prominent roles.

Whispers of wonder, circling the Indians chances of four straight County Center Final Four berths, enveloped the pre-season conversation.

Four straight berths in the County Center would be an unprecedented mark for this program.
 Heck, for any Section I team that doesn’t have Mount Vernon or New Rochelle or Peekskill etched across the jersey, that period of prosperity would seem unlikely.
 Applying the pressure of gaining a fourth straight Final Four berth to this unproven core seemed unfair.
 Constant reminders of the Indians streak of three straight County Center berths were littered all over pre-season capsules.
 Is a fourth consecutive Final Four surge attainable?
 Again, the question sprinkles hyper-lofty expectations on a squad still mired in the rebuilding process.
 Yet there was ‘Pac on Monday night, holding a commanding 28-9 halftime lead on Poughkeepsie….
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