Thursday, September 12, 2013

Leave John Alone

Leave John alone. Seriously.

The fake outrage, the heavy scrutiny, the sudden lightning rod image the mainstream media has created for him—it’s a bit much.

I can only hear about his ‘taunting’ of Rice players so much, about his reluctance to sign autographs for his high school teachers, about how he is too undersized to eventually transition to the NFL game.

The media needs to stop obsessing over this kid. Take a walk, read a book. Shoot a few jumpers. They need a surgical operation to removed from Manziel's jock strap. It's teetering on the fringe of mediocrity, this constant same-subject coverage.

To paraphrase Sonny from the epic film, “A Bronx Tale,” Johnny Manziel doesn’t care about you, why should you care about him?

Stop overanalyzing everything he does and focus on the football aspect.

He didn't kill anyone.

 He shouldn't be the new media magnet, a verbal punching bag for irate and delusional reporters desperately trying to keep up with the times.

There's no reason for the countless tabloid hucksters, spin doctors, and internet gangsters who feel their voice holds considerable weight on Twitter to scrutinize him and dissect his every move.

Nobody cares. The controversy-starved, mainstream reporters who go into anti-NCAA, anti-Manziel circle jerk every time anything remotely divisive takes place--please let it go.

The same 50-year-old man hurling out fifth grade playground insults on Miley Cyrus on Twitter are hyping the Manziel story up to the upper crust of overhyped stories. Enough.

Like a halfback squirming for that extra yard, they are fighting for the old, stale story to pick up steam. Remember that these Twitter thugs are  middle-aged, attention-hungry losers who have nothing more productive to do than berate 19-year-old and 20-somethings in desperate attempt to spark a conversation.

For what reason? This is really considered a sizzling story, a conflict that would get you clowns publicity, maybe a call-in or two on an XM radio station?

It's almost as yawn-inducing as the Oklahoma State story.

"One former player admits that on his visit, he met a female...."

"Another former player says that this former played engaged in sexual relations with this female. Yet, another former player, who chose anonymity, admits he smoked a funny-looking cigarette (it was actually revealed that it was a joint, by another former player) after being arranged to have a "hook up" during his recruiting visit." 

This is hard-hitting, breaking, scintillating news!

Are you guys, with your recorders, notebooks, your unresolved beef with some high school football coach who no-commented you 20 years ago, that desperate?

If you guys saw Manziel in public, I’m sure you would give him a verbal back massage and explain how great you think he is. I’m sure you would be in slurping mode, tell him there is simply no ceilings on his potential. If you saw Miley Cyrus in public, you would accost her for an autograph and rant and rave about how you’ve been loyal since the first episode of Hannah Montana.

If you saw A-Rod in public, the same A-ROD you clowns are bashing on Twitter with cute and boring one-liners everyday, you would probably have a star-struck heart attack. You clowns would probably swallow your prideful hate for him and snap myriad photos of him.

So, enough with the calling out people you’ve never met online. I don’t care how trendy it is. You would probably tell A-Rod that "your son" is hastily seeking his autograph.

You would flash him a sad puppy dog look, unless he would just pen that $2.00 Fischer Price ball of yours. Right there on the spot. C'mon A-Rod!

Is ripping someone into shreds you clowns' only method of churning out a hot story? Or, do the race baiters, controversy-seekers, self-proclaimed investigative journalists simply know how to cater to the crowd?

 The same writers pounding the keys away, ripping into Johnny Manziel are sad, tired, and boring. They are strikingly similar to the folks who’ve been wasting trees writing about George Zimmerman’s traffic ticket, Anthony Weiner’s manhood, and other meaningless garbage. But it sells.

 The writers hyping up this Manziel story, ranting on about Oklahoma State and Jason Whitlock’s beef (he claims its not personal) with a reporter who allegedly did a hatchet job on half of his interviewees. Hatchet job or not, that story was about as boring and coma-inducing than the other meaningless stories examining, divulging, and dissecting every aspect of Manziel's life.

Quit beating a dead horse. Move on. Change the subject. Change the channel. Or simply, stop with the fake outrage.