Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mano-e-Mano With: Ricky Corrado, Yorktown Football

Yorktown football’s vision will never waver. Under a veteran head coach in Mike Rescingo, a core of youngsters who pride themselves on keeping the bar high for the program, and the pride of the tight-knit community, the theme is always family.

Though rife with multi-sport athletes and a significant chunk of talent from the lacrosse team, the football culture has not dwindled. The rivalry games never fizzle. The intensity is always launched sky-high, cracking somewhere near Neil Armstrong’s footprint on the moon during heated moments.

The program is such a vital and memorable part of these players’ high school experience, Rescingo normally has a cluster of former players on hand at double sessions. Year after year, after year.

Handing out everything from motivational stories, to bone-crushing hits, to green Gatorade bottles, the veterans of the program help mold an incoming group of rookies, all of whom  need to get their varsity teeth cut right away.

Not because football is the main fall sport here in the lacrosse hotbed of Yorktown. Not because a football game under the beaming lights has the potential to shut down the town early on a Friday night. Not because of one electrifying Hail Mary grab, not because of a pulsating signature win that suddenly changed the culture of the program, and not because of one particular high-major Division-I talent who helped fortify the team.

The Huskers continuously buy into the tradition concept, refusing to argue with history.  THE CROP never loses a trace of its luster, as the field is always jam-packed with a rowdy and ebullient group of loyalists.

Expect much of the same this season. Yorktown, like most area programs, was dealt a few off-season blows by graduation, but the Huskers have restocked the system.

 The ball will be spread around in a variety of ways, with emphasis on multi-faceted threats. The Huskers’ starting quarterback position is still open, with three candidates vying for the starter’s keys. There are several other starting positions that invite plenty of healthy in-house competition, which cranks up the intensity levels in practice.

Yorktown will adjust, improvise, and cater to their strengths based on the opponent. The Huskers will spread the ball around with multiple options in the backfield. The offensive line is still progressing, but the Huskers contain some behemoths in the trenches and a great deal of athleticism in the secondary.
 One player primed for a significant role is senior Ricky Corrado, a threat on both sides of the rock. A tight end/defensive end, the 6-foot, 225-pound Corrado brings an intriguing blend of size, athleticism, and veteran savvy. He’s got the mobility and strength to evolve into a pass inhaler at tight end while sustaining his image as a hard-hitter with a nose for the ball on defense.

We caught up with Corrado in this week’s Mano-e-Mano session, dissecting everything from a diddle eyed Joe to a damned-if-I-know about the upcoming football season. There is still a development process to undergo, there is still a youth movement that needs to grow before the Huskers’ season-opener against Walter Panas. Still, the principles of the program are intact.  Don’t argue with history…
 Corrado on the Huskers’ offense
I think our backfield will probably be as athletic as they come, with almost the entire unit returning from last year. It will really come down to the offensive line and the quarterback situation, we hope to see how those areas pan out and if they do we could be a scary offense.
On His Own Role
I hope to add a passing threat into our offense at tight end and help to be a leader. I’d like to provide some attitude to develop a hungry defense that will certainly be difficult to play against.

On The Defense

We want to ultimately develop a swagger, an attitude to make us gritty while giving us an edge mentally. We want to be a team that’s annoying to play against. Our defensive backs possess a lot of athleticism. We will see what we can get from us altogether as a unit, we’ll have to maximize our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses and really make defense our strength this year.

 On The Schedule

We absolutely cannot wait to see Panas in Week 1. They’re a cross-town rival. It’s going to be a sick, spirited environment to play a game in. Harrison (at the tail-end of the schedule) is going to be a tough one but hopefully we can get into a hot streak, get into a groove and just keep winning which is what you’ve gotta do in order to be successful.
 On Yorktown's Motto

Every single year Coach Rescingo brings us all together and preaches the motto and tradition that this program has always stayed loyal to and that is family. He gets us to all buy in and play for our brothers and this contributes to the success of our football program.
On The Ritual
After every game, we gather around the Y (on the field) and break it down. We talk about how all the work we put in was necessary and worth it because of how good winning feels. We keep our minds focused at that moment, we make sure we’re aware of what’s ahead of us and what the goals are.

On Motivation Stemming From Last Season

Definitely the playoff system from last season left us with a lot of disappointment. It’s fair to say we got screwed out of the playoffs and strongly felt we were better than we were viewed as and got a raw deal. It’s so easy to use that as motivation to not let the system have a chance of screwing us again this year and finished what we started.