Monday, February 15, 2010

Lights-Out Lamb Sparkles At PrimeTime

My ability to chew the fat has always been one of my stronger qualities. Word up.

I take pride in having the ability to engage whoever it is in a hoop hearsay-enriched conversation. On the playground scene, I dribble with my mouth.

All day during the PrimeTime Shootout at Trenton, N.J., I mentioned the scoring prowess of sharpshooting guard Doron Lamb, a hotly pursued product on the recruiting marketplace.

Only, by the time Lamb's Oak Hill team finally took the floor during the tail end of the Prime Time Shootout's talent-soaked Saturday showcase--one which saw St. Patrick's Duke-bound guard Kyrie Irving and Michael Gilchrist choke the rims and defy gravity in the feature game--my scratch-laden whip was chugging out of Taco Bell. At this point, I was chewing the fat in a literal sense. I needed to get back to watch who's who of top-notch recruits so I could chew the fat in a figural sense.

I inhaled a couple of bangin' burritos, allowing the bulge in my stomach to balloon. Yeah, trust me, I'm one of those fat cats who will pass up sex for a cheeseburger if the time is right (I used to be skinny until I went home and ate three tires for dinner one night).

That's when I receive a text message from the 914 raging ref rapist as I steered through Trenton's snow-blanketed streets.

His message?

Lamb has 26 points--at the end of the first half.

I punched it past the slick, slippery streets to the Sun Center National Bank Arena to witness this Lamb scoring splurge first hand.

The 914 ref rapist was not gasing me in his text. This was a shooting clinic that dropped jaws.

Lamb's lights-out offensive onslaught was like nothing I've ever before witnessed. All of you who dipped following the St. Patrick's game missed easily one of the greatest high school performances in recent memory.

St. Peter's Prep, led by Myles Davis' 33 points (9-for-9 FT), scored a stunning 84-81upset over national powerhouse and NBA pipeline Oak Hill. It was arguably the upset of the century.

Lamb, the New York City native, scored 32 of Oak Hill's first 45 points, murking St. Peter's with a surplus of stepbacks from the left corner.

He created his shot off the bounce, burying bushels of medium-range and pull-up jumpers.

Lamb's 49-point barrage, which left the ratchet man three short of Lebron James' 2002 PrimeTime Shootout record, included 16 field goals and five treys. Lamb's final trio of treys came during a 17.5 second span, as the sniper fought valiantly to pull Oak Hill within three.

The wiry 6-foot-4 guard shot the rock at a blazing 20-for-29 clip.

St. Peters Prep's stunning upset and the poised play of Myles Davis (who's being actively pursued by a bevy of Big East schools and was in the house for Rutgers' upset win over Georgetown at Piscataway, N.J. the next day) rendered Lamb's extraterrestrial one-man shooting clinic the "other" story.