Friday, December 18, 2009

Coleman Dominating, Jamesville-DeWitt On Top Again

Discussing DaJuan Coleman’s rapid ascension to the upper mantle of the nation’s future stars, Syracuse Select AAU Coach Shawn Pudney abruptly cuts himself off in mid-sentence.

“Did you see DaJuan two years ago?” Asks Pudney, stabbing me with a glance as serious as Coleman’s beefed up recruiting package. “He was terrible.”

A Lack of grit, coupled with Coleman’s struggles grasping the game’s niceties, produced a polar opposite of aesthetically-pleasing game.

Coleman was a beast amongst boys.

Yet the big neophyte was callow and confused, with coaches barking at him to snare a rebound.

Picture Stanley “Big Garbage” Roberts before his playing career was essentially deaded by Shaq.

Coleman was the most uncoordinated, lackadaisical big man on this side of Chris Dudley.

There was a search warrant out for the behemoth’s passion.

“If you can believe this, he was actually a very passive kid,” explained Pudney.

“He was a kid who was almost embarrassed about his size. He posted up with his hands in his pockets.”

Fast forward three years.

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