Thursday, November 5, 2009

Paint The Town In Pinstripes

The storm is over.

Paint the town in pinstripes.

I wasn't able to see the game in its entirety( was off covering New York's dungeon-dwelling, faltering franchise known mainly as the New York Knickerbockers), but the newly-minted World Champions deserve every ounce of this.

All season the Yanks have been a collective nucleus, a frat-house like brotherhood (see Burnett, A.J. and Pies To The Face, Page 20) surrendering individual totals and putting winning on the pedestal where it belongs. It came back to reward them last night, as Hideki Matsui tattooed old nemesis Pedro Martinez, en route to a 7-3 jumpoff.

I would just love to see the look on all these Sawx and Phillies fans faces. All year, I had to hear it from them. Relentless trash-talking. Everything from a diddly-eyed Joe to a damned if I know about the Yankees payroll and who wouldn't produce and A-Rod's former choke artist antics and Tex becoming Slump Dog Millionaire. I'm laughing my way to the parade right now.

Even when the Yanks were mired in an 0-8 funk early against their blood rivals, before establishing themselves as the team to beat, I knew this team had something special. The chemistry was there. The grit, willpower, we-before-me mentality, it was all there. Forget the money. This team was about heart, buying into the system, and now they're sitting on 27th heaven. I am my brother's keeper.


You really have to tip your hat of to Hideki Matsui, the MVP of the 2009 World Series.

With question marks surrounding his status as a Yankee next season, the 35-year-old slugger with creaky knees kick-started the fireworks with a two-run dinger off Pedro Martinez, the old enemy back on the hill. He clubbed the eighth pitch of his at-bat dual with Pedro into the second deck in right.

Matsui later belted a two-run single and smoked a two-run double in the fifth.

The Yankees are World Champs. After a ring-fiending drought, everything is right in the world again.

Hope you haters are singing the same old tired tune, "The Yankees bought the World Series."

Green pieces of paper can be very powerful, but they can't come roaring back from injury, club homers and defy critics and fragile pysches. Money can't pitch gems and deliver with the weight of the world on one's shoulders.

Matsui etched his name in championship lure last night, even if this is his last dance. It was a memorable sendoff.

Yanks are going down.....DOWNTOWN to the Parade!!