Monday, November 2, 2009


I’d like to preface this post by saying that strange things happen on All Hallow’s eve. A guy who looked like he couldn’t shoot a lick and was mired in a pre-season slump (Danilo Gallinari) starts scorching the nets. Ghastly goblins and ghouls terrorize a team (the76ers), injecting them with a dizzying, intoxicating potion, causing them to fritter away a 23-point lead to a team that played lackluster, porous D (Knicks).

Gravediggers Al Harrington, Gallo, and Chris Duhon brought a bundle of dead bodies back to life, resurrecting a Knicks fan base that was unleashing a chorus of boos in the first, second, and third quarters.

Knicks fans, sensing the come-from-behind W after an embarrassing first half in which they surrendered 40 first-quarter points, hadn’t been this loud since 2001.

But Chris Duhon exploded to the cup, tying the score at 122 as the Knicks worked overtime for the second consecutive night. Once again, the floundering franchise that was once New York’s biggest thrill faltered in the extra session.

It was GALLOWEEN at the Garden, with the Italian import lighting up the scoreboard all night. That was a positive sign for the 0-3 bockers.


New York gets their basketball team--one with grand aspirations to net Lebron
James this summer--back tonight.

After the 'bockers came roaring back from a 21-point deficit (only to fall in
20T in Charlotte) last night, Al Harrington is tight. Bucketz Harrington was outspoken
about the call, which he felt was knowingly botched.

What better way to channel his frustration then by giving Philly a 25-spot en route to the first dub of the season tonight?

It's All Hallow’s eve. I’m entertaining the thought of finding a player rocking a jacket as flashy, gully, and shithouse-spooky as the one Z-Bo had last spring in his return trip to MSG. That jacket was had an immense skull stitched on the back of it. Z-BO later revealed to SLAM that his boy made it for him. It stood out like a white dude at the Source Party. Will we see a player sporting a similarly fresh jacket to get us into the Season of the Witch Spirit?

-Big ups to anyone who braved this entire game tonight. The first half sucked more than a smut star, with the Knicks getting blood-lettered and playing Night of the Living Dead defense, allowing the 76ers to permeate the teeth of the D at will. With NY and Philly going eyeball-to-eyeball in the World Series Game 3 tonight, and the Giants and Eagles renewing hostilities tomorrow, this game was pretty much off the menu.

I ask Wilson Chandler if the Bockers talked about coming out with a sense of
urgency tonight, snuffing teams in the mouth right off the bat and circumventing an early hole. He says it was a disappointing start, and the Knicks hope to erase that before the home crowd tonight. According to captain Duhon, some of the Knicks need to take this club more seriously.

I ask Chandler if there’s a sense of rush to stop relying on withstanding runs (and instead controlling the tempo from the get-go).

The kid from DePaul--who had a breakout 2k8-2k9 campaign— simply nods his head, admitting there's a monkey on the team's back now that they’ve coiled into an 0-2 hole.

"Nobody wanted it to start off this way," said Chandler, who later promised me
fans will see "Ill Will" tonight. (Nate’s twitter feeds were supposed to push Ill Will’s development last year, but it didn’t always work out that way)

"It's just about playing hard, just playing defense,” explains Ill Will. The key is not to worry about the offense because that will eventually come"

-Larry Hughes is watching NBATV and a Knicks PR guy clearly is
heated at me for obstructing slim's view of the High Def TV.

"He needs to watch TV," the PR dude says, gently telling me to move away from the TV. Imagine if Zeke were still here, the public relations fetal position the Knicks would crawl into would be unreal.

My bad, fam. I didn’t know watching NBATV was part of Hughes’ pre-game regimen. That’s what’s up.

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