Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dead Bats Society

It's hard for me to be in good, Halloween spirits this morning. Last night, the Yankees were ghastly at the plate, with their ice-cold bats surrendering to Officer Lee.

Officer Lee certainly shined last night, handcuffing baseball's most potent, high-powered lineup and creating a highlight reel play or two while he was at it. He is a defensive stopgap who looked more like a cyborg last night. I tip my cap to him. Does this cat breathe the same air as us? Not to go into a hyperbole, not to say it's acceptable for the Yanks to have a search warrant out for their $1.2 billion offense.

Hopefully, the Bombers can re-write the script while concurrently righting the ship in the Bronx tonight.


The Rooster finally backed up the lavish praise coach Mike D'Antoni heaped on him. Danilo Gallinari, who Coach D claimed to be the best shooter he's EVER seen in the pre-season, nailed seven threes and dropped 22 points as the Knicks fell (shocker) to Miami, 115-93, in their season-opener.

Miami has a chance to make some waves this season. I know a lot of pundits and naysayers have them written off, but their is definitely promise. The triumvirate of D. Wade, Jermaine O'Neal and B-Easy proved that last night, amassing for 69 points. O'Neal, who looked like his old self, shot the rock at a sizzling 10-for-12 clip. Beasley, once the heavily-touted golden boy/fabulous frosh at Kansas State, scored 21 points in a thread over 35 minutes. Beasley proved that his stint in rehab was nothing more than a 12-step process, something that's not out of order for a young kid with money.

I didn't catch most of the Knicks game because I was too busy watching the Frozen Bats Frat House, but I believe the Knicks' D (stagnant, lackluster, matador, call it what you'd like) was nothing to stamp home about.

Yeah, 2010 baby! I can't stand when people keep singing this same, tired tune. It's starting to sound worse and worse and less feasible.

Lebron, he's surely interested in playing on this defensively inept team, which tends to roll the carpet out for workaday jokers and let them go to work. We even let the once-exiled Carlos Arroyo stake his claim as a cat who deserves meaningful minutes in the L.

Not fucking cool.