Friday, October 16, 2009

BJ And The Bricks

On the subject of shitty shooters and cats who were early draft picks (but likely aren't worth their salt), Brandon Jennings has also built a barrage of bricks this pre-season.

I know it's the pre-season, an unlikely harbinger of things to come and a chance to get scrubs some tick they will never again receive on NBA soil.

Still, the heavily hyped Jennings--who sidestepped the collegiate experience, following the paper trail over the waters--has shot the rock at a paltry and putrid 6-for-33 clip.

Jennings, of course, has lived up to some of the hyperbolic lure he's been drenched in. He's handed out assists like a scantily-clad promoter chick hands out energy drinks--a smokescreen for his early shooting woes. Jennings doled out 12 dimes last game. He's averaging 6.0 assists per game in the pre-season.

Jennings was an internet sensation this summer, when a taped conversation between him and rapper Joe Budden made waves.

In the convo, Jennings talks about the pitfalls of the Knicks and claims they will never be a contender. He also tells Budden--he of the smokeshow girlfriend--that the 'bockers skipped out on him in this year's draft.

Looks like we didn't miss too much.

Why would the Knicks take him? I know he's gazelle-quick and can operate offensive on the regular, but who would he deliver pinpoint passes to? It's more likely he'd come off the knot and give Chris Duhon a chance to suck down some vodka during a nice breather.

The reason the spindly kid, who put up meager numbers at Lottomatica Roma last year, instantly ascended to celebrity status amongst hoopheads?

-He was advertised as the next NBA-bound, extraterrestrial baller to come out of basketball breeding ground Oak Hill Academy in Virginia.

-His senior year, Jennings cooked jokers to the tune of 35.5 points, 7.5 assists, five boards and four swipes per game.

-He's become the poster boy for Under Armour, as the athletic apparel company has made a collective concentration to promote the young guns