Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special Donation

Special, the artist and spokesperson for Beach Tennis Believes, the official charity program of the burgeoning sand sport (Beach Tennis USA) knows it was an ultra-productive summer in the feel-good compartment of his heart.

Beach Tennis Believes raised around $500 for the Long Beach, N.Y.-based Michelle O'Neil foundation at the National Championship--the culmination of a national tour which splashed through 10 beach cities this year--in Long Beach, N.Y.

The Michelle O'Neil foundation is a non-profit organization geared towards helping children with cancer. The goal is also to help families "who face economic and emotional stress because of the catastrophic illness." The Long Beach, N.Y.-based charity has a volleyball tournament every year to raise money for the families of children with cancer. This year, Beach Tennis has joined forces in aiding the cause. Special is inspired by the results Beach Tennis registered in just two days of national tourney play. Still, it's always forward he's moving. His not satisfied yet. The unflappable performer who's cleaving to grand aspirations to perform alongside the prosperous and world famous Jay-Z for the upcoming event, "NY Gives Back."

Jay-z is in Manhattan, performing a much-anticipated and heavily-hyped show with the potential to blow the Madison Square Garden roof off. It's crazy. Seven years ago I was bumping songs from Jigga's Reasonable Doubt (instant top-5 all-time album, every track from 1-14 is a jumpoff)in a car packed with my high school buddies. Now, it's 2009. The same slammin' joints were being played on the radio today, reinsurance that the songs this international icon produced in 1996 are STILL HOT. Young Vito is donating the all of the proceeds from this show to the family's of firefighters who lost loved ones in the turbulent time of 9/11/01...My heart goes out to all of you who lost someone in this tragic, horrifying day eight years ago....

As for SPECIAL...

"Collectively, we raised over $1,000 for the foundation," said Special, adding that they raised more money for Michelle O'Neil than any other charity on this year's 10-city national tour.

Special's world is where good deeds, Thanksgiving/Christmas functions for the less fortunate, and giving back to the community are first and foremost. These are major challenges cooking on his front burner, with his music and wild, show-stealing performances supplementing them. He gets it popping like pringles. Just ask the people down Panama City, Fla. He tore the roof off during his performance, leaving jaws dropped and bikini-clad hotties drenched in Red Bull (quite frankly, you had to be there).

Unlike entertainers of similar ilk, Special's not drenched in ice. He's not worried about how much cake he's getting for each show. He's not burdened or bothered by groupies, which whips to cop, his entourage, or who's going to produce his ensuing joint.

Instead, the Brooklyn-bred entertainer is weighing his charity-donation options for the future, pondering ways to make the world a better place for folks from disadvanged backgrounds.

Special knows that he's been blessed with ill, razzle-dazzle dance moves and electrifying talent.

He's interested in helping out those who haven't been as fortunate as him.

"We decided to donate a great deal of coin for them (Michelle O'Neil Foundation)," explained Special, whose hallmark song, "Superman 123" landed him a feature on BET's 106 & Park in the fall of 2007.

"That was my 'Billie Jean,' it's the song I blew on up," said Special, beaming for a bank of photographers at the National Championship this weekend.

Special's image is show-stopping sterling. His work ethic is unmatched. His dance moves, which few on this side of Brownsville breakdancers can emulate or replicate, are off the charts.

"Collectively, we raised over $1,000 for the Michelle O'Neil foundation," said Special.

"I think out of all the (charity) money we raised at different stops this summer, this was the most money we've raised for a single event."

Not bad considering the economic downturn that's coiling into the abyss and continuously striving for ressurrection.

The BTUSA national tour featured stops in various sand spots with charities, including scenic Charleston, S.C.

This was during the Beach Tennis USA Windjammer, when Special teamed up to raise money for the widely recognized Donate Life USA.