Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Corey Eds Getting Much Love From Big East Schools

Regular fall workouts have rapidly emerged into workaday madhouses for budding Christ The King point guard Corey Edwards.

A buffet-line of college coaches have been eyeing the 6-foot-1 senior, keeping tabs on his true point guard style and show-running ability.

Coaches from Pittsburgh, West Virginia, George Mason, Boston College, and Virginia have all come in from out the woodwork, registering their presence as Edwards penetrates the teeth of defenses at will and makes his teammates beneficiaries of his distributions. His proclivity for drawing the defense in and kicking it to the open man has made him a tantalizing talent.

St. John’s has also been hastily chasing Edwards, who New Heights coach Adam Berkowitz describes as “a calming influence when he’s on the court.”

Edwards, outspoken about his desire to play in the guard-heavy Big East, is favoring Villanova and West Virginia.

“Nova has my top interests right now, I’d say ‘Nova and West Virginia,” explained Edwards.

“I was real surprised when Virginia came all the way down.”

Folks at the bandbox IS8 gymnasium were real surprised Saturday, when New Heights’ 6-foot-6 forward Jayvaughn Pinkston (the most highly-sought after recruit on this side of Kyrie Irving) was neutralized and Edwards stole the show.

Edwards connected on a number of timely jays, ran the floor well and peddled out assists.

“He runs the team, he runs the show,” explained Berkowitz. “Everybody knows that. When he needs to penetrate and score, he knows to do that. When he needs to distribute the ball and get the ball to our bigs, he does that.”

Berkowitz continued, “He knows what (New Heights 17U coach Kimani Young) is all about all the time, which is really setting the tone defensively. He needs to be a real stopper, and pressure guards, and get the other team out of what they want to do, for us to be successful.

All summer, Edwards, a native of South Jamaica, N.Y., talked about the need to improve his jumper and decision making.

He showed progression before the jam-packed gym Saturday, orchestrating the show.

“I want to go to a school for guards, a school with good coaching, and that’s probably going to be a Big East school anyway,” said Edwards.

If Edwards, who averaged 12 points and seven dimes as a sophomore last season, continues to produce the way he did Saturday, his words will prove prophetic.

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