Sunday, August 16, 2009

Uncle Rich The Writer Blasts His Favorite Team

Richard Schwartz, a Philly-bred author who penned pieces such as "Berkely 1900" and "Heroes, Eccentrics, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley" released an e-mail to the Eagles organization today.

No doubt, uncle rich gave them a piece of his mind.

UNCA, who currently lives in California but has stayed true to the Eagles, is one of the many (now former) fans outraged at the organization's jaw-dropping decision to shell out the long green to dog killer Michael Vick. Vick, he of the immense talent, storied football background but irreparable sin that took the world by wildfire two summers ago, is not eligible to play until October.

Mr. Schwartz admits he will no longer follow the Eagles, a team that inspired him back in the day.

"I grew up listening to the eagles on a transistor radio while I worked on Sunday since I was ten years old. It was the day of Bob Brown and Tom Woodeshick. I grew up to win the team award on the football team at my school because of the spirit I learned from the eagles. I have followed and rooted for the team ever since. My 85 year-old father is an eagles fan. No longer. No longer will I support a team that traded a great city's spirit, character, morals, and role modeling to the kids to bring in a quarterback who tortured dogs, hung them, electrocuted them, and drowned them for sport. He also ruined the lives of many dogs that survived. You treated this like he shoplifted. You, the eagles, chose to condone this for your own "gain" and you will pay a price that goes beyond football with your ex-fans now. If a man killed a policeman, would you INVITE him to play on the eagles? Pete Rose left baseball for gambling and you are INVITING a killer to join the eagles!!! I am stunned. The man was not a shoplifter who "did his time" and learned. This crime is so disgusting that it cannot be washed away. And you are offering him millions two years later. And you say he should get a second chance. BUT HOW ABOUT WHAT IT DID TO THE REST OF US AND ALL THE POOR DOGS? Is he working for minimum wage and DONATING THE REST OF HIS SALERY TO ANIMAL RESCUE GROUPS for the rest of his career? I could almost see that. That would make the world a better place. But your organization chose to make it so he does nothing to make the world a better place after he so desecrated it. Your words are hollow and so are his. I will now remove my support of the eagles, as much as that saddens me, but common decency demands it. I am ashamed of your organization and for your selling your a town’s community morals to a murderer for profit. You have given the kids the worse message they can receive. And you showed them it is for money and the chance to win. I think you loose, the city looses, your fans loose--you have chosen a vile path. I will now boycott the eagles, your sponsors (and write them as well), and anything to do with your team as I cannot imagine doing anything to let you think you have not rendered a tragic injury to the Philadelphia eagles organization and your once loyal and great fans. Your only recourse is to change course now before your franchise is totally morally discredited and then, who would care how the team performed? Don’t you get it? We won’t care how the eagles perform if a murderer-for-sport is invited to play on this team. If he killed your relative, would you feel it ok for him to join the team? Well, for many families, a pet is part of the family. There are laws that murderers do not get to gain by any money they make after the killing. There are laws that ex-cons can’t carry weapons, child molesters can’t live near schools, but you chose to elevate this murderer to one of the highest prestige jobs in the country for millions of dollars he will keep for himself and let his words of contrition ring hollow even to fools- but not the eagles. But did you even demand that the murderer donate all his salary to SET AN EXAMPLE OF MAKING AMMENDS FOR HIS DEEDS? You may need to believe he did his time so you can financially benefit from him, but you are blinded by greed because your choice has bankrupted your organization to many, many people, fans and non-fans alike. For now, the hell with the franchise. Shame on your souls and what sadness for the kids who looked to your team for a role model."

-Richard Schwartz