Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rubio Buyout In Discussion

I wasn't drinking the cool aid at first, but Ricky Rubio's flair for the game and olympic dominance has suddenly sold me on the paper-slim neophyte.

Will his sheltered be on top of the long NBA green like a hammock, or not?

Recent reports from indicate that Rubio, who's been shredding up the Italian league since the growth of his first pubic hair, is headed back to his familiar stomping grounds for the time being.

The crafty but sheltered guard is no longer entrenched in hyperbole. Unlike Eddie Murphy, he's not Coming To America this summer.

Recent reports from the Associated Press reveal the Minnesota Timberwolves "cannot do much financially to help Ricky Rubio with a multimillion-dollar buyout of his contract with DKV Joventut in Spain."

"Team president David Kahn will head across the Atlantic next week to meet with the team personally in hopes of lowering the $6.6 million price tag that has threatened to keep the wunderkind point guard in Europe for at least next season," explained the AP piece.

"Kahn confirmed his plans to travel to Spain in a text message to The Associated Press on Thursday, but declined further comment. It was first reported by"

His name mirrors that of some latin singer, his game mirrors that of a new generation Pistol Pete in the frame of Dan Dickau on yayo.

Our friend Big Sully illustrated a great point via text message when I was steering my beat-to-shit Honda (considering the putrid glob wax my brother spilled all over the front seat when he was surfing in Long Beach, it looks like a Vivid Video flick was shot in there) through Yonkers.

"I like that we got Darko," said Sully.

"That big motherfucker was the no.2 pick and he only 24. He could still blow up, plus we got rid of Q (an obvious reference to bricklaying guard Quentin "Q-Brick" Richardson) and his bum ass."

So, Larry Brown isn't the only man on the planet pulling for Darko to pan out.