Thursday, July 16, 2009

The NBE Train Waits For NO1

My boy Doug Ferguson, he of the penchant for HS hoops, evaluating talent, throwing bricks to the dome of none-believers, and scouring the Cha-city to Indiana to Cinci to wherever God takes him landscape for untapped potential, just returned from the Peach Jam. Dougie Fresh packed together a collection of interviews with America's budding high school superstars--Jereme Richmond (Waukegan High School), Wayne Blackshear (Morgan Park HS), and Mike Shaw (De La Salle Institute)--to name a few.

Big Ups to Dougie, Dan Poneman, Ricky Byrdsong Jr. and the rest of the crew that spent the weekend at Peach Jam. These dudes are top talent evaluators and own you at every aspect of life. They can rule the world with their eyes closed.....I gas you not...