Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Freedom of speech is one of our fine nation's most vital individual liberties. We carry this freedom--one granted to few other countries--with high-order commitment and an unrivaled respect.

Think about all the people who made George W. Bush their verbal punching bag the past few years...They certainly weren't shy about expressing their dismay for the former commander-in-chief, who chiefed a lot of trees with Harold and Kumar.

In our high-tech, twitter-obsessed, around-the-world in one punch of a key era, people seem to execute their first amendment right in full force..

Blogs, message boards, and youtube clips galore give zillions the access to voice their opinion to the masses.

So, in a day and age where we flex our first amendment muscles, there's no reason for Brandon Jennings to shy away from the weight room.

Jennings, selected by the Milwaukee Bucks with the no.10 pick in the NBA draft, made a splash on the youtube circuit by calling out the Knicks, saying guard Chris Duhon "can't get it done," and that the organization "skipped out" on him in the draft.

This was during a phone conversation with rapper Joe Budden that was recorded on a webcam.

Jennings likely did not know his words would be aired out for the eyes of the webworld to see. While it may not or may not have been in jest (I don't speak for everyone but bullshitting and busting balls with friends over the phone isn't uncommon), Jennings words shouldn't create any early beef between Jennings and the Knicks.

Still, expect hardcore Knicks fans--Isiah Thomas' toughest, harshest critics two years ago--to treat Jennings with a chorus of boos at Madison Square Garden when the Bucks come to town.

To view the Jennings/Budden conversation, please click on the link below!!!