Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday In San Diego

San Diego is the latest stop on Beach Tennis USA's southwestern road swing.

The big beach tennis truck has navigated through a number of scenic sand spots--Key Biscayne, Fla., Claerwater, Fla., and Virginia Beach, Va.--to name a few.

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It all got kick-started Friday with activities, drills, professional instruction, stations, and a diving contest.

The neophytes are eager to establish themselves on the grassroots circuit, where highly-touted professionals such as Mike Edison and Brett Johnson (Team Rhino) are playing the role of grand old professors.

Both crafty, top-ranked beach tennis veterans, Edison and Johnson teach the sport in Florida and have been scouring new landscape for beach tennis buildup areas.

With their deep technique tutoring, Team Rhino is quickly molding young minds and helping "the movement" spread like the plague.

The diving contest won over the buffet-lines of San Diego youth.....

"Youngs," as our resident entertainer/spokesmen, SPECIAL calls them, enjoyed soaking in the fundamentals and absorbing the intricacies.

The sun-drenched beach was stacked to the brim, as the Parent Child would draw rave reviews.

Keeping the ball from hitting the sand requires blink-quick reflexes.

More often than not, one must surrender themselves for the betterment of the team. We tip our hats off to these kids, who had no problem sullying their sweat-drenched beach attire and keeping the ball in play.

The diving contest jump-started the weekend of under-the-sun fun. It's all part of the growing effort to get young athletes acclimated.

The real competition is thrust to the forefront this afternoon, with men's and women's professional division's chasing the glistening gold trophy. The stakes are raised, the competition level hiking after a three-headed-monster dominated the scene at Virgnia Beach in the beginning of the month.

The movement continues to eat California's beach spots up in shark-size bites...