Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maloneys Favored To Defend Castle

For Lisa and Laura Maloney, competing in this weekend's San Diego Smash is parallel to playing with house money.

Lisa and Laura, the defending national champions from Beach Tennis USA, have numerous factors working in their favor.

The San Diego natives are playing on their home turf, before a heavily partisan fan-base--many of whom are their workaday tennis students.

Both players put in grueling hours on this very beach and they've developed unmatched chemistry and cohesion throughout the 2008-09 national tour.

The court-savvy, ultra-athletic duo tends to thrive under nail-biting pressure. They play a mindful brand of beach tennis. The Maloneys never shy away from sacrificing their bodies for the betterment of the team.

Even if it entails diving to keep a ball alive, emerging from the play soaked in sand. It's all part of an exigent will to win.

Such desire and unbridled confidence has catapulted them into Beach Tennis USA's top stratum.

They are teammates all year round. They are roomates. Oh, and they are also identical twins.

Through diligence and workman-like persistence, the Maloneys have evolved into the face of women's Beach Tennis.

The Maloney's unfaltering psyche and never-say-die mentality has garnered them trophies in California (SO Cal Series Slam), New York, and other scenic sandspots across the globe.

In Long Beach, N.Y. last labor day weekend, the Maloney's had a major challenge cooking on their front burner.

New York area Beach Tennis pioneer Nadia Johnson, who garnered Outstanding Women's Player of the Year accolades the previous summer, joined forces with a highly-touted teammate.

Johnson's team had plenty of support from the crowd in Long Beach, N.Y. where she's a year-around tennis instructor.

The twins would show their resiliency, withstanding a potent rally. In the end, the Maloneys managed to gut out a frantic match. Every serve was a war.

Expect this tournament to be no different.

With the crowd favoring the homegrown talent, hopes are running high for the Maloneys to defend their castle.

The title game may potentially be a preview of this year's national championship match in Long Beach, N.Y.

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