Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ever Dream Of Being A Sports Hero?!?!

Idle hands are the devil's playground.

The first day of summer has officially arrived, after inclement weather has taken the New York City area by storm.

It feels like Seattle these days, with the blazing sun eventually yielding to some relentless, profuse downpour. The rain has compounded down here, immediately slipping a straight jacket on outdoor sports junkies.

Moping around the house is the last scenario we envisioned for this epic day. We need to keep our minds occupied, our hands busy, our bodies and minds engaged in exercise.

Exercise has long become a vital recipe streamlining lives.

These are all essential ingredients for a successful, healthy, and crystal-clear lifestyle.

Idle hands are the devil's playpen,. The abysmal weather is sheltering those who desire to be immersed in some good ol' under-the-sun fun.

The forecast is a bit different down in sun-splashed San Diego. The weather has been hovering around 65-70 degrees, albeit partly cloudly with a humidity rate of 69 percent.

Residents have been arriving to the beach in droves, anxious to sulk in some rays on the day when the sun hangs in the sky and brightens up the beach for the longest period.

If you embrace summer and can't stand the inevitably depressing black hole of winter like me, shit this is a significant holiday!

A day at the beach, as relaxing, stress-deleting, and soothing as it may be, could use a new activity to unify folks.

With the seemingly endless quagmire in Iraq, the uncertainty of an overwhelming war triggered partially via faulty intelligence, and an ecomonic freefall that's nearly teetering on the edge of explosion for the younger generation, nobody's world is quiet.

Cluttered thoughts that tend to scatter around and dominate the human mind demand channeling and clearance.

For most athletes, a basketball court or a football field is the perfect sanctuary. A 2-on-2 tango will always neutralize any anxiety or problems surfacing in my stupid everyday life.

On the beach, the options aren't the same.

Volleyball is for the birds. No offense Chase Budinger.

It's not the same as doubles tennis in the sand, a rabidly competitive and addictive game that costs nothing and gets you a cardio workout that few other sports can promise.

Enter, beach tennis.

It's a new sport burning up the sand. A professional tour recruiting newcomers. A world of opportunity with a sport that's grown by leaps and bounds in Europe.

The 300+ beach tennis courts in Italy is indicative of the sport's rapid growth.

It's like the movie BASEketball, when a baseball/basketball hybrid that two couch potatoes created in their garage ballooned.

We all wish we could re-live our glory days or prolong an athletic career plagued by bad knees, distractions that reeled us off the professional career paths, or other career-ending afflictions.

Even if you got cut from the 3rd grade YMCA tennis team, and you still harbor some ill will towards the ratty, floppy-haired coach who broke your heart, this is your shot at redemption.

Haven't you ever dreamed of being a sports hero?

Once, but that was a long time ago...

Whether you blow up or not, stake your claim as one of beach tennis' top players on the eastern seaboard or suck miserably at the sport... it's a chance to get out and engage in some fun physical activity this summer.

After all, idle hands are the devil's playground.