Friday, June 12, 2009

Consolation Game

So the Red Sawx, whose fan base wakes up in the morning solely to torment Yankee fans, officially have the Bronx Bombers' number.

Don't get me wrong.

There's a great amount of baseball still to be played, though this is the Yanks' longest early-season losing streak against Beantown since 1912, when they lost 14 consecutive games.

NY Post scribe Kevin Kernan takes note of this in his story today.

"Three days after that streak started, the Titanic struck an iceberg," said Kernan.

"That also was the first year of Fenway Park. Mystic and Aura reside here after the 900th meeting of the two teams in Fenway."

Putrid pitching and even worse situational hitting contributed immensely to the Yankees' latest shortcomings in this embarassing 0-8 freefall.

Adding salt to the wound, the Yanks won't be able to climb out of this hole until August.

That's the next time the Yankees can be revived in this lopsided 2009 tango.

So the blood feud renewed ended with the first-class, corporate team getting booed.

The Yankees faltered under the bedlam and firewooks which inevitably accompany the most intense, storied rivalry in all of sports.

And now, to paraphrase New York Post writer Larry Brooks, the opener of the inaugural Subway Series set between the Mets and Yankees seems more like "The Consolation Round."

So, the Yankees vicious tear has fallen by the wayside. The 0-3 slide, a self-defeating 0-3 slide if you look at the numbers (the Yankees went an abysmal 3-for-26 with runners in scoring position the last two games, both one-run losses), can be halted tonight.

The Yankees and Mets--who've had their troubles staying with main rival Philadelphia--meet up tonight in the Dinger Arcade that's become known as the new Yankee Stadium.

After the teams were savaged by their respective rivals the past few days, the extra juice isn't quite there.

With a barrage of injuries, the Mets have become the walking wounded. Pitching problems surfaced with the Yankees, with exiled ace Chien Ming Wang selling the brand name against the Sawx, failing to reach the third inning.

Now both teams have a chance to get off the schneid, though the mangled Mets will get their first taste of new enemy territory.

History unfolds tonight, 7:05 at the house that Jetes built.