Monday, June 29, 2009

Big Sully Talks Bockers

With Donnie Walsh promising to reach out to the Point Guard-crazy Minnesota Timberwolves about Ricky Rubio, we have grand illusions about the Knicks re-writing the script this season and luring in Lebron.

Now, don't get it twisted.

I wasn't drinking the cool aid at first, but Rubio's flair for the game and olympic dominance has suddenly sold me on the paper-slim neophyte.

His name mirrors that of some latin singer, his game mirrors that of a new generation Pistol Pete in the frame of Dan Dickau on yayo.

Big Sully illustrated a great point via text message when I was steering my beat-to-shit Honda (considering the putrid glob wax my brother spilled all over the front seat when he was surfing in Long Beach, it looks like a Vivid Video flick was shot in there) through Yonkers.

"I like that we got Darko," said Sully.

"That big motherfucker was the no.2 pick and he only 24. He could still blow up, plus we got rid of Q (an obvious reference to bricklaying guard Quentin "Q-Brick" Richardson) and his bum ass."

So, Larry Brown isn't the only man on the planet pulling for Darko to pan out.

He continued, "We got to get Rubio man. We need a good point guard to entice Lebron."

It's hard to imagine a property of 1990 operating offense in the high-stakes, win or get booed, pressure cooking New York City landscape. Still, if he's talented enough to compete he's talented enough to compete.

Plus, D'antoni's speedball, go-go style is one which Rubio is tailor-made for.

The 6-foot-4 cat-quick guard seems to be a step ahead of everyone else on the floor and can create buckets easier than the earth science regents (I took the test high as balls yet managed to receive a 65 out of 100, a passing grade indeed).

I'm not sure why the T-Wolves went on a point guard-mad rampage on draft night.

I know I can't speculate but maybe they were taking Jonny Flynn as the readymade player to test Rubio and use one of the two as trade bait....still, that's more questionable than Seth Rogan's ugly-ass taking home Meghan Fox on a Tuesday evening.

"If he doesn't want to play in Minnesota than they (Minnesota) gotta trade him. He will play in New York City I imagine," Big Sully said.

I believe dealing Q Brick was a good move, as was acquiring Darko--who has the opportunity to revive his image as the biggest bust since Sam Bowie.

An interior presence is something the Knicks are in dire need of.

Darko and Jordan Hill could start as a stopgap measure in that area.

This would also prove proficient because it would help take some stress off of David Lee. Lee was forced into guarding the other team's best big and defense has never been the double-double machine's calling card.

While this won't give D. Lee a free pass on D, it could help him establish himself as a go-to-scorer.

Lee averaged 16 points and 12 boards last season, albeit had little help inside. Jerome James' behemoth self was a fixture on the bench...

The triumvirate of Lee, Darko, and Jordan Hill would help clog up the lane a bit and allow Lee to roam freely. The blue-collar basterd can board up, hustle, and score buckets with the best of them.

But will Lee--he of the shallow slingshot--be in orange and blue next season? That remains to be seen as both he and energy-bleeding sparkplug Nate Robinson have been dominant on the rumor mill. They've generated more rumors than a Perez Hilton blog for crying out loud.

The talking heads are saying the Knicks are probably going to lose Lee.

"Maybe use him in a sign and trade for Rubio," Sully opined.

Still, Big Sully accentuated the positive on the subject of Rubio, the Spanish wunderkind whose been shredding up the professional scene in Spain since the growth of his first pubic hair.

Sully is tattooed to the belief that Rubio delivers pinpoint passes, is cheetah-quick and virtually a step ahead of everyone else on the floor. These aspects are extremely paramount to success for the Knicks' immediate future.

Sully doesn't believe that Rubio's boyish, toothpick frame will render him guardable.

"That's the kind of point guard Lebron needs," said Sully, who's been envisioning Lebron in Orange-n-Blue for quite some time now.


1 of 2: Rubio, Nate, King James, Wilson Chandler, and Chris Bosh. Darko, Gallinari coming off the knot.

2 of 2: Jordan Hill off the bench. How's that sound?

1 of 2: Rubio, Nate, King James, Wilson Chandler, and Chris Bosh as a starting lineup. Darko, Dano off the bench....