Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beach Tennis Believes

Cruising through the blood stream of Beach Tennis USA's very own artist/entertainer--the kid they call SPECIAL-- is a unique blend of rythm, soul, Brooklyn pride, and oil-smooth swagger.

The electrifying entertainer recently released a pair of new songs in "Lollipop Girls" and "Superman 123 Away."

Both songs are available via Itunes.

To listen to some sample music from the young emcee who unleashes funky, flamboyant dance moves (and injects some razzle-dazzle to Beach Tennis tournaments across the country) PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!!

"Throughout our 2009 national tour, I partner up with a different particular charity," explained SPECIAL, who bleeds flair, intensity, and compassion.

"The main focus of the charity is to partner up with different charities througout the 2009 national tour stops. I select a charity within the inner-city of the tour stops and we donate the money that we raise."

It's been going really great so far, we've been raising a lot of coin and we're really helping out these different charities. It's really a great feeling."

The next charity SPECIAL will be joining forces with is the San Diego-based Ronald McDonald Charity House. It's a platform quite similar to the other charities BTUSA has provided a helping hand to.

"It's geared towards providing assistance to single-parent households as well as the children in these disadvantaged, unfortunate backgrounds," said SPECIAL.

"My focus is fully geared towards rectifying the problems these children are facing. We want to make sure Beach Tennis can put our fingerprints on these charities and make a difference."


Beach Tennis USA's official charity, Beach Tennis Believes, is on a sacred quest to give back to the communities it visits throughout this year's National Tour.

Educate Tomorrow has been selected as the local charity of choice for the Key Biscayne location of the Beach Tennis USA 2009 National Tour.

Educate Tomorrow (Miami, FL), is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to provide mano y mano educational mentors to foster care children that are turning 18 and “aging out” of the system. To learn more about them and the wonderful, beneficial things they do, Please CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW!!!

During the Beach Tennis USA Tri-State tournament in Long Beach, N.Y., Beach Tennis Believes raised over $300 for the Michelle O’Neil Foundation.