Friday, June 19, 2009

Beach Tennis Believes Teams Up With Emilio Nares Foundation

The Emilio Nares Foundation is the latest in the smorgasbord of charities Beach Tennis Believes has reached out to.

Beach Tennis Believes is working cohesively alongside the San Diego-based charity, in effort to create a vortex of power and change in the San Diego community.

The initiative is to pave way for a better life for cancer-stricken children.

SPECIAL, BTUSA's resident enterntainer/spokesmen/artist, is at the forefront of this alliance.

Beach Tennis Believes: A Beach Tennis USA Charity Program

You may have seen SPECIAL in the DJ booth or outside of the courts, playing the role of revved up young emcee.

SPECIAL, whose hit single "Lollipop Girls," has just made waves on ITUNES, is becoming increasingly active in helping charities located in the 10 cities of Beach Tennis USA's 2009 national tour.

When the sand sport originated, SPECIAL shouldered lofty aspirations of playing Beach Tennis for a good cause.

Throughout his home stomping grounds of Brooklyn, N.Y., SPECIAL has hosted numerous charity events. He runs memorial basketball tournaments and charity fundraisers throughout New York City.

He bleeds positive energy and intensity.

Simply put, the kid is more driven than NASCAR. He's more focused than law student that inhales 5 concerta pills in the library.

The electrifying entertainer, widely recognized for his ultra-funky dance floor flair, has been the brainchild and lifeblood of beach tennis' helping hand.

Now, let's get down to brass tax.

The Emilio Nares foundation provides support for the parents of children with cancer. The organization is heavily committed to helping families by way of financial assistance,

"We're trying to raise money to help other kids who suffer from this horrible disease," explained SPECIAL.

"I agree with the vision of this program. It not only eases the financial burden on the parents but additionally helps with mental and emotional support. It helps these parents with finding medication and making the tough process less stressful."

SPECIAL continued, "We want to help make things better for these children. We learn from Emilio's loss, we hope the money that we raise this weekend will help other kids with cancer. That's what we're hoping to accomplish. We are going to pursue every avenue we can to make a difference."

Emilio Nares was just a young child when he lost a valiant battle to cancer in 2000. The foundation has gone out guns-a-blazing to find and provide the right support for parents of cancer patients since.

"Because so many people joined the marrow registry in Emilio's name, scores of future patients with life-threatening illnesses will have the chance for life," as it's explained on the foundation's website,