Friday, June 19, 2009

Beach Blast Jumpoff

Beach Tennis USA has officially kicked off the annual San Diego Smash.

The event stretches throughout the weekend at Mariner's Point in Mission Beach.

BTUSA has taken a new approach to this year's sizzling sand sport event. They have joined forces with San Diego Beach Tennis Association.

The event has also taken a new twist this year, expanding its horizons. Aside from the Men's and Women's pro division play, amateurs will take up the sport under the scintillating summer sun Saturday.

Four different tournaments are going to be held in the sizzling sand, giving the newcomers/intermediate players/beach bums looking for some new shits and giggles a chance to stamp their imprint.

In the occassion of supreme dominance on the amateur tier, one team will be elevated to the professional division. In Virginia Beach, we saw it happen as Ricky Lowy and Guillermo Becerra proved that the goldfish could indeed swim with the sharks.

Trophies will be awarded to winning teams.

In addition to this, kids will have the chance to play before the masses. This begins today, with the first-ever Parent Child mixer.

Doubles tennis in the sand, baby!!!


Now for the big dogs...

A number of teams are burning snatch the winnings on the professional front. It will come down to the steady blend of athleticism, awareness, reflexes, and heart. Unbridled energy and a will to win will take you to the promise land.

A professional tennis player can't just saunter in here and put on a show. It's more than that. It's a different animal. Shit, it's a different species. No workaday tennis dweeb is going to clear the quantum leap and steal what's rightfully someone else's. It just doesn't work that way. Not with beach tennis.

This is a beach sport, widely referenced as a volleyball/tennis hybrid, that requires diligence, workman-like persistence, hops, and humility.

You've got to want it.

You've got to look at that depressurized ball and assume immediate ownership.

It's a mammoth movement in Europe for a reason.

The sport is easier to play, more difficult to master, to paraphrase United States beach tennis Godfather Marc Altheim.

Last year, we witnessed savvy veterans Glenn Erickson and Mike Fedderly (Palm Desert, Ca.) top Donnie "The Silver Bullet" Young and Marty "Kodiak" Salokas, 9-7.

Tonight is just the prelude. Tomorrow, the professional tour continues. It will be on and popping.

For more information about this weekend's tournament, please visit the Beach Tennis USA website @